Wednesday, April 29, 2015


A few morning clouds in the sky put us a little closer to spring than summer. But that's fine! Why should we shorten this beautiful season? Why not give it its full run? Summer will come in due course. For now, let's enjoy what can only be enjoyed in April and May!




Breakfast is a bit hurried. I want to weed portions of the flower fields closer to the sheep shed. The raspberries, too, should get a once over. This is the way I move through the farmette -- from one field to the next, staying more or less (very more or less) in control of what goes on in each.


My schedule with Snowdrop is a little different this week. There are a lot of comings and going's in her home and I'm fitting things in around the rhythm of her house. I do spend a lovely afternoon with her...


...and we do a lot of the old...


...and some of the new.


And of course, it is warm and so a walk around the small lake is essential!


(passing the big lake)

(purple house, pink flowers)

In the evening, I have my monthly meet up with my small group of (mostly retired) law school buddies and once that draws to a close, the day is done.

It is amazing to me that the longer daylight hours seem too short right now. In winter we make do with so much less and now, with the abundance of sunshine and with the long twilight that lasts past the dinner hour, we're spoiled, wanting it to go on and on until we're spent and it's time for bed.

Is it really the end of April already? Amazing!


  1. Wonderful lake photo. I could look out over a lake all day, as the light and air currents change it. My dad had a hospice room with a deck overlooking Lake Erie, and it was so peaceful. My dad had a good ending, as he deserved. I don't mean this to sound sad. When I think of my dad, I always smile.

    I like S in her carriage, lulled. Like the purple house! That just has to be a happy home, , I hope so.

  2. I am loving your perfect set of days and each of them with little twist like the purple house today. I know what you mean about not enough daylight even as the days get longer. I do miss the lingering summer taught here in Florida. Darkness comes quickly and earlier than up north. ox

  3. Love the cherry blossoms! And Scotch among the flowers! Today's Snowdrop pic choice: N&S Baby Yoga Class

  4. Great lake picture. You have memories of the long days in northern Europe. I think now we're already at Wisconsin peak summer time sunlight hours over here.


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