Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Well, believe it or not, we are door owners! After an early breakfast on the porch...


... we drove to Home Depot, chose the hardware (you really think the more expensive handle looks better? Of course! They lure you with the cheap one knowing damn well we'll reject it!), Ed went over the measurements one last time (88 and 3/4 inches tall? you sure?) and said the final "okay."

I exhale.

True, it remains a mystery as to who will install it. I'm hoping it will be the door guy who came over to give his estimate today. Regardless. Whoever does it, it will be done. There will be a door.

You happy? -- Ed asks and I explain to him one more time that I do not regard this as an exquisite treat, a pleasure item. It's not like a trip together, it's a door, a necessity, a sigh of relief rather than cause for exaltation.

But let's celebrate anyway, with a review of the blooms today. The yellows have it!

the first daylily of the year!

a yellow false indigo is heavenly!

you gotta love the yellow heart of the tradescantia (spiderwort)

The noon hour brings out the sunshine! And the smile of Snowdrop!


If there is a theme to her day today, it is this: she wants to be upright! On the couch...



...or on the floor. Upright!


And when her mom comes into the room, she just wants to stand and smile with such great pride! Look at me, mommy, look at me!

Snowdrop seems to thrive on mastering a new skill.

And then she rests.

It's a good day for us to take her for a long round-the-lake walk. Yes, she has her stroller pouty face, but it's a fake out. The little one adores her stroller.


The walk is wonderful! We track the movement of a heron...



Snowdrop does too, for a while, but then she dozes off, to gain strength for more work ahead. Standing. Today, she is all about standing tall!

Tomorrow? Who can tell! She is full of surprises.


  1. I'm beginning to wonder if Snowdrop is going to be one of those children that pretty much skips crawling and goes right to hanging on and standing, walking to see the things she wants. BTW, love her little outfit!

    1. I've been wondering that too... we haven't seen much "tummy time" in a while now. I hope she doesn't skip the crawl stage as there are some concerns in the education world about that. In fact, I gather some children are given incentives to crawl just to avoid that issue.

    2. Tummy time pictures are boring -- same old same old. So you dont see many. But honestly, I've heard the age old concerns about skipping crawling. Just to give you a different perspective, neither of my girls ever crawled (and it wasn't for lack of tummy time because in those days, babies were put to sleep on their tummies). Both walked very early, had no trouble with hand eye coordination and one was a powerful runner and the other a superb dancer and both were exceptionally early readers (which, btw, also raised eyebrows: as in -- it's not good to teach reading/algebra/music before they're ready, whatever that means). The literature now says it's "important" that they should want to move. Snowdrop has been wanting to move since before she was born.

      Maybe it's genetic! :)

    3. I don't believe that a child is harmed if they choose to walk rather than crawl. As long as their choices are just being supported rather than pushed, it's their bodies and their instincts driving them and I don't see how that can be wrong for them (for that specific child). Not sure all my Psych professors would have agreed with me but that's what I believe. :)

    4. Interesting! And now I'm reading that these days when kids don't sleep on their tummies, skipping crawling stage is getting more and more common. S certainly has had her tummy play time, so guess it's up to her... and I have the feeling she'll do it her way in any case :^)

  2. Herons... amazing!

    Love Ms. Quizzical there on the pink/red couch.


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