Sunday, June 14, 2015

in transit

I am forever amazed when nothing goes wrong in these multiple-legged trips. A flight from Detroit to Paris was punctual and peaceful. I had possibly the best sardine class seat on the jumbo 747 (front, so plenty of legroom) and my seatmates were friendly, but only for the first twenty minutes. I could not ask for more. I did not sleep, but I read back issues of the New Yorker and my mind filled with stories of real estate in London and speckled frogs in New York.

On time arrival meant that I have time for breakfast in Paris (well, at the airport)...


I am sure that this will be my best bread product of the trip. Oh! Two minutes in this country and I am already comparing and rating (I noted that the yogurt is a gold medal winner -- they even rate yogurts!). Never mind, it's a fine breakfast and I am grateful for it.

You might wonder why I post these brief, in transit notes. No one really cares about another person's travel tribulations. If it's smooth, it's boring. If it's problem-filled, you'll smile and say -- ha! You wanted to travel! Truthfully, this interim posting is born of an old fear that there may not be a functional WiFi at the end of the day. These years, that fear is almost never substantiated, but there have been times and places when publishing something on Ocean proved to be nearly impossible. And so I put this in, because at the airport, there is WiFi.

Time now to leave hot Paris and head north to cold Edinburgh. If my good fortunes continue today, I should next post from Scotland.


  1. Ah, that breakfast. I'm drooling and it's almost 2 a.m. here.

    As much as adventure gives us fodder for blogging, there can be no complaint at on time arrivals and connections. I guess my expectations are pretty low that there will be no delays, so "close" is even a triumph. I take that non-stop jump from San Francisco to Paris, feeling like getting across ocean is almost there. That's probably what accounts for my going a day ahead of anything vital as well.

    So, have fun/relaxation and whatever you dream of.

  2. I always enjoy the little details of your journey to your destination. And smile at how you manage to have that beautiful croissant and noisette at CDG. See you in Edinburgh.

  3. Scotland! You're trip there last year put it much higher on my places to visit. Another friend of mine just returned from there last week. She found amazing blue poppies to photograph. Have a great time, and I'll be making mental notes on a future family trip for us.


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