Monday, July 27, 2015

a new week

A new week of new habits, which are quickly becoming old habits. Up early, check on flowers,

farmette life-1.jpg

farmette life-4.jpg

... eat breakfast,

 farmette life-13.jpg

... shoo Ed off to work.

And of course, play time with Snowdrop.

farmette life-21.jpg

farmette life-37.jpg

True, I am now thinking ahead more carefully -- as if I were going to an office myself: make sure I have dinners in mind, make sure there's a recipe in my head for all those tomatoes we picked yesterday, make sure the flower tubs are watered -- it's going to be hot hot hot this week! Make sure, make sure, keep a list going, check things off, write in new details, don't mess it up -- others are counting on you!

Retirement is what you make of it and many of my insane days are that way by choice -- my choice, no less. I offer no complaints. But please do not be surprised if for the next few days, my posts will read like notes scribbled on a paper dinner napkin -- you know, a little rough and hastily drawn around the edges. With spills. Think: Snowdrop eating carrots (as she did today, when I fed her, this time in her own home).

farmette life-46.jpg

farmette life-49.jpg

farmette life-51.jpg

And while I'm bragging about Snowdrop's great accomplishments, let me show you what that little girl is up to right now.

farmette life-39.jpg

Yep, she's swaying on all fours, ready to take off. I feel great trepidation. Are we all ready for this?!

And still, I know that this crazy busy time -- it's all transitional. Ed applies himself fully to his new commitments, but they will either recede with time or become part of our everyday. There will come a day when he'll be late coming home in the evening and I'll yawn, because of the sheer regularity of it all. [I don't feel that way tonight, as I'm still used to him being here for dinner pronto, because really, you cannot be late walking from the sheep shed to the farmhouse. Today, when the dinner hour comes and goes and he is not here, I despair with the freshly made pizza, then vow to myself to talk him into finally, finally getting a cell phone. A person who goes to work needs a cell phone, so that he or she may be called and asked to pick up a bag of mozzarella on the way home from the office, or to be yelled at by their partner for being late for dinner.]

farmette life-59.jpg

By the end of the day, Ed and I return to a steady and solid equilibrium. We take a walk into the fields farmed by truck farmers to the east of the farmette. Crops are doing well this year. The harvest will be rock solid. At home, too, our flowers are bursting with enthusiasm.

It's contagious.

farmette life-58.jpg


  1. Crawling soon! Wow!
    I envy you the tomatoes... homegrown are always best. I'm not a real gardener but with the few tomato plants I've tried, chipmunks (or squirrels?) have eaten more than I have. You seem to have solved that problem!
    As to new daily routine... sounds like time for yoga class :^) Or Snowdrop's music class?

  2. Is an artist always an artist? You make me think so...fabulous flower gardens, beautiful food (and no doubt delicious), best photographer, artful with words...

  3. I love the photo of Snowdrop getting ready to crawl. It's so exciting to see them learning to figure that out and the look on her face makes me think she might realize just how tricky she is!

  4. That beautiful pizza, I really could have eaten that for breakfast!! I always read your blog before breakfast - even if I have to get going early, I'll get up extra early just so I can have my slow start. I have my little reading list, and I always save you for last, because you start me on my way, uplifted!

    I used to comment on some of your words or photos right away, but my iPad can't send it to you anymore. Now I try to come back to the MacAir in the kitchen around this time of day. This is our unstructured "happy hour" - husband busy in the kitchen and I'm at the counter with a glass of white wine, jazz.
    He has just gotten home so he's not ready for conversation. That's why he likes to cook and completely switch gears. Lucky for me! Anyway - that pizza! yum. and if Ed is delayed, it will still be wonderful.

    I want to recommend to you a Fresh Corn Dip from this month's Food & Wine. It's what I'm eating right now. Cook together fresh kernels with shallot and garlic and lots of butter, about 7 minutes. Cool slightly then put through the processor with ricotta, lemon juice, pinch of salt, white pepper, drizzle of chili oil optional on top. (I didn't) Such a treat! For dipping we have fresh beans right from the garden, barely dipped in boiling water, bright green, sweet. oh my gosh.

    Snowdrop making her not-sure-about-this face at mealtime...her Daddy with the same expression at last night's dinner table...what was that? haha, so cute!
    I bet his mother knows that face and loves it. Your home, your table, your family, such a refuge. It takes some thoughtfulness and intentionality to make it so.

    1. Now I'm hungry. Really hungry. For that dip.

  5. PS Jeni's Ice Cream - a local artisan ice cream business - has an August special called Sweet Corn Blackberry. I wait for it every year. I had never dreamed of corn flavored ice cream. Well, this dip comes close - the all natural sweetness - so last night we dipped fresh blackberries in it.
    I am not weighing myself - I don't care! :)

  6. Such beautiful, thoughtful comments! I will find time soon to take part in the conversation here, I will! In the meantime -- thank you.


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