Friday, July 10, 2015

The Adirondacks

A fleeting moment of cell service! So I could do a post, using an iPhone and email. Ah, but a good story cannot be told that way! If we cross paths with civilization tomorrow, I'll post then.
Now, let me return to my curry in a pouch dinner before a bear beats me to it!

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  1. Favorite photo today: skinny dipping! Fun! Another iconic Nina photo for your granddaughter. Make a book for her about the adventuring grammy.
    You can fudge a little - pair the story of the big deep mysterious "sploosh" with the photo of you in the water. Swim, Grammy, swim!

    I don't know what you call yourself. Gramma, Baba, Nana, Mimi, I think each of my preschoolers seems to have their own family name for grandmother.

    The photo right after skinny dipping is my other favorite. Magical. I think the one crooked tree and its reflection makes it especially interesting.

    OK, off to my excellent dinner now. The advantage of staying home. Have a wonderful tomorrow.

  2. Hah! It came through by iPhone email.


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