Thursday, July 09, 2015

the Adirondacks

I caught the last bits of color on the lake as the sun went down last night.

New York-1-4.jpg

As the lake took on the peaceful quiet of a summer evening, the teens of Long Lake Motel and Cottages gathered around the pool and ping pong tables (positioned under a cupola, right across the motel parking spaces) and played their adolescent flirtatious games, the girls breaking into favorite songs, the boys hitting the balls way too hard.

I thought we'd have a night of noise, but I needn't have worried. Some adult with a modicum of authority chased them out by 10 and a few minutes later, quiet prevailed.

In the morning, we should have been packed and out early, but somehow the cool lake air kept us under cover far past the hour of sunrise.

The weather in the Adirondacks is so far cooperating: clouds today...

 New York-1.jpg
(looking out toward the back of the motel)

... but there are promises of sunshine for the weekend. And in any case, the storms wont roll in until (they say) the end of Sunday. But the nights are cool -- very cool.

Eventually, we brace ourselves for that morning chill,  pack our little car with all the gear of camping and paddling and head due north toward Tupper Lake.

And now comes a day? a few days? ... of Ocean quiet. 


  1. I feel withdrawal entering my psyche. I have this sudden urge to curl up and stick a thumb in my mouth. Ocean QUIET! MWHAAAA. I want my mommy or a Quaalude or... someone hit me with a ballpeen hammer to put me out of certain misery!




  2. But you'll take photos out in the wild and we'll get to see some of the Adirondack Adventure when you're back in civilization again, right? Hope so!


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