Thursday, January 08, 2015

then came the snow

Yes, today the cold was supplemented with periods of snow. Not the beautiful kind where you look out and say -- oh, what a winter wonderland! -- but the cold, blowing kind that you cannot shovel away because it just blows right back at you, mocking your efforts.

The continued bitter cold (two more days of this!) left ice crystals on the sun room windows. The plants there seemed to be shivering!

little S-3.jpg

Ed and I had a rushed kitchen breakfast...

little S-4.jpg

I had a scheduled Snowdrop engagement, which included getting her in and out of a car seat (a first for me!) where she just basically looked adorable (according to me and possibly the world, if they would only see her through my eyes).

little S-8.jpg

Since little Snowdrop still refuses to call night "night," I offered to give her wonderful parents a rest and so Snowdrop and I hung out. Virgil, their cat, peeked in to check on her: 

little S-12.jpg

Unlike me, he showed callous indifference to Snowdrop's greatness and went off to skirmish with the other cats.

Little Snowdrop and I spent a good many hours like this:

little S-19.jpg

Well, too, we danced some to Italian music on my laptop. I got my daughters addicted to the stuff at an equally early age. Little Snowdrop looked at peace as Fiorella Mannoia crooned about the one and only love and red hair and black eyes.

And the snows and winds did their wintry thing outside and I wondered how old Snowdrop had to be before Ed and I could take her cross county skiing...

little S-23.jpg