Friday, January 09, 2015

week's end

We reach a high of 3F and the winds remain strong. The country roads are so slick that this morning, at the last second I opt not to take a curve in the road. I go straight to avoid spinning out of control. Ufff!

And still, it is a brilliant day! The sun comes up to a clear blue sky...

little S-1.jpg

... and the fresh snow adds the gentleness that was so missing in our farmette landscape.

We eat breakfast in the front room. [To the commenter who asked -- why is Ed so happy, well it's simple really: he's happy because I'm especially happy. The excitement is contagious, even if the whole baby project is something that he can not fully grasp.]

little S-5.jpg

Looking outside, I note how the snow had piled up rather high on the porch glass roof. Last year, after we put the glass panels in, we kept them immaculately clean -- brushing off every leaf and snowflake so that we would be able to take in all the light they suddenly offered. This year? We shrug and say -- looks good anyway, why bother.

But today I do bother. Maybe it's that we're about to have weekend guests again. Or maybe I worried that too much snow would crack the glass (Ed laughed at that one). Or maybe it's just that being around a very young life is so energizing that you find yourself doing things like shoveling heavy snow off a rooftop and not thinking twice about it. Here's my view from the top:

little S-3.jpg

Otherwise, it is a blur of a day. The aunt and uncle from Minneapolis (my youngest one and her husband) drove half the night to get here in good stead and so my grandma time was limited to a very early morning hour...

little S-11.jpg

After, little Snowdrop was delivered to her aunt's arms -- even before the young couple had time to shed their coats and scarves.

little S-21.jpg

It was a beautiful meeting of two youngest ones! Sitting back, watching, listening to the chatter, I felt about as lucky as one could possibly feel in life.

little S-24.jpg

Errands, more errands, even more errands. And finally, back at the farmette, I tried to take great care with the cheepers, who ventured out into the barn against all odds, then huddled in the thin strip of sunlight.

little S-32.jpg

And then we spent an evening with Snowdrop and the parents, aunt, uncle. Ed came as well. Here are some of the men in Snowdrop's life:

little S-5-2.jpg

little S-1-3.jpg

little S-3-3.jpg

We ate Laotian take-out and there was always a pair of hands to hold little Snowdrop.

little S-7-2.jpg

As we were leaving, Ed made sure that the baby scale was put to good use.

little S-7-3.jpg

For some reason, Goldie the cat did not protest.

The last of the cold nights tonight. I can't say that I noticed.