Thursday, January 15, 2015


I would call this day one of January's best. Beautiful sunshine and a warmup that takes us into mid thirties -- a rare treat indeed!

True, there is too little snow. Whereas last year we were skiing daily beginning in early December, this year, we have yet to wax the old boards.

I had a day packed with appointments and errands and so I was too rushed to fully take in all that the weather delivered, but I had my moment with my face to the sun and that was plenty wonderful. I was prompted to do so shortly after breakfast (which we ate in the sun room because if not today, then when?).

little S-5.jpg

I had a checkup with a doctor -- a very good doctor, who is about a decade younger than me.  He poked here and there and then stood back and said -- for a woman your age, it is as it should be.

For a woman my age! I suppose it is what you say to a retired old chump: maybe you're stiff and achey but hey, for a person your age, you're held together quite well! Like a Fed Ex package that's delivered after an especially brutal journey!

That's when I decided I needed a small outdoor detour. Nothing restores the spirit and refreshes the soul as well as a walk through a park and Owen Woods is one of Madison's best. 

little S-9.jpg

little S-14.jpg

In the late afternoon I was again with little Snowdrop, but when I asked her for one of her more charming expressions for a photo, she gave me this:

little S-15.jpg

Still, toward the end of our time together she was enraptured once again -- today, by a dazzling firefly.

little S-19.jpg

And so the day just whizzed by. I didn't visit with the cheepers, I barely had time to unpack groceries and Ed had to wait quite a while for supper. I'm sure I've left unanswered emails and, too, there are telltale piles of papers that need my attention, but honestly, it was such a beautiful day that all else fades and seems terribly inconsequential by evening's end.