Sunday, January 18, 2015


I spent late Saturday evening in the sheep shed, watching Ed work on his mechanical invention. There is one (and only one) comfortable chair there, positioned not too far from his work station and I remember the first years of visiting him just in this way -- he'd ask if I wanted a glass of wine or a cup of tea and almost always I said yes to one or the other and time would pass in this way, quietly, gently.

Our routines have changed, that's for sure. Since I moved to the farmhouse, I've spent almost no time in the sheep shed. And so last night was a throwback to an earlier era.

Will we always be inventing new ways and habits, so that today's palate will also be outdated in a few years?

Sunday. Massive cleaning day at the farmhouse. Then, after a late breakfast...

little S-1.jpg

... and a visit with the cheepers, where we cajoled them into coming outside to play in the sunshine (they did so, for about two minutes, then retreated to the barn)...

little S-4.jpg

... it was time for the two of us to take a walk. A beautiful, warm January day doesn't happen very often in these parts and so even if skiing is out of the picture, walking surely isn't.

little S-8.jpg

We needed that moment out in the woods and fields. To refresh. To say a few good words to each other.

little S-13.jpg

Later in the afternoon I head back to Snowdrop's home and spend a few hours trying to get her not to take a nap (she can sleep on mom and dad's time!).

little S-21.jpg


little S-22.jpg

Little Snowdrop is an easy-going baby, but when she decides to sleep (or not to sleep) all bets are off! 

little S-32.jpg

Ah, but she is one perfect little girl! (Says grandma.)

At the farmette, the setting sun casts a brilliant light on the bare trees. The grand willow never looked so... grand!

little S-37.jpg

But I can't linger. I have a cooking agenda for tonight. I'll write more about that tomorrow.