Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It would be greedy to long for sunshine, for grand meals, for the constant chatter of your loved ones coming from the living room -- all these are grand, but they cannot be at the root of every day. At the same time, you could say that my regular day has bits and pieces of the grand, sprinkled throughout. True, there is absolutely no sunshine today, not even a wisp and a hope and the farmette looks more like a spotted cow than a winter wonderland...


... and our cheepers really do look like a lawnmower has rolled over them, plucking out copious amounts of feathers...


And so yes, things are looking a bit scrappy on the outside.

Ah, but the inside! The farmhouse is warm and cheerful, breakfast is relaxed...


... and in the afternoon, I do have someone in the living room. Not a whole herd of visitors like yesterday, but one very important little person, coming over for a bit while her parents attend to their stuff.


Ed takes a close look, as if still figuring out how this whole baby thing works.


I try out the crib for Snowdrop...


...and Ed busies himself figuring out how long the windup music box can play its gentle song...


It's an important piece of information, no? Answer: three minutes. Now you know why people like batteries, he tells me, as he winds it to its maximum...


... and Snowdrop kicks her legs in appreciation as the little animals dance over her.

Sure, this new environment puzzles her a bit.


... but there is enough of the familiar to keep her happy. And that makes me happy.