Sunday, February 22, 2015


The entire day for me revolves around the Oscars. Not because I am excited by the show in the way, say, baseball fans would be excited by the last game of the World Series, but because I've always watched the Oscars and always took note of all nominated films.  Even as I am a complete Hollywood dimwit. I should add that this year, I am especially thrilled to see Poland receive so many nominations. But today, my Oscar enthusiasm stems from the fact that my daughter and little Snowdrop will be farmhouse guests for the evening (the dad must stay home and work). And so I have to get ready.

It is a cold, cold day. Are you tired of these words here, on Ocean? Me too!

But, there is that magical sunshine...


... and after I do my usual farmhouse wipe-down, I suggest we open up the sun room and eat breakfast there, as if in defiance of the cold outside (and braving the under-heated room on this morning).


Next: a visit with the cheepers, who, too, are gloriously enthusiastic about the sun, defying the 10F thermometer reading!


And then I settle in to bake. What? No sugar??

Out we go to the store. Ed comes comes with me because I want us also to go to one of those rock bottom car wash places to get the salt off of Lily. It's bad enough that the old girl has rust spots -- I mustn't hasten her aging by letting the thick spray of salt remain on her sleek body! Ed is taking his old Hyundai and we'll be splitting a 15 minute spray time between the two cars at a do it yourself place: soap, rinse and wax, all for $5. (You get a little wet in the deal, but so what!)


 Get underneath the car! -- Ed reminds me.


Home again. And now come the cooking preparations.

First, the cake -- a simple lemon kugelhopf.


And a tomato risotto (with grilled shrimp for those who love shrimp) -- a daughter favorite and, as she reminds me, the last thing she ate prior to giving birth to Snowdrop.

The tiny little one is at her best tonight. We were prepared for the usual baby fuss, but it never came. She rests, she plays, she laughs.




A cold night, a perfectly gorgeous night, a special night. Full of the most beautiful smiles. And yes, the Polish film Ida won best Foreign Film. Snowdrop didn't quite get the fuss I made over that announcement. After all, these were her first Academy Awards.