Tuesday, February 24, 2015

first run

We are promised a reprieve: one day of seasonal temperatures. We may even hit the freezing point, that's how warm it will be. But just today, mind you! It's as if we're challenged: use it! See what you can do with this gifted day!

Initially, I'm dubious. It seems gloomy outside. There are snowflakes, dancing, taunting, biting your cheeks. And yet, the cheepers are raring to go. (Perhaps an empty feeding dish triggered their "seek food!" mechanism. Oops!)


Ed and I take it more slowly. A leisurely breakfast...


... followed by some needed adjustments to the ad on Craigslist describing the Ford Escort (wrong phone number posted. Ooops!).

Then, I get ready for little Snowdrop's Tuesday visit.

She is playful.


She is funny.


 She is contemplative. (Cow is contemplative too.)


She is still so tiny (Though Ed says: she is so much more with it!).


Me, I am extremely excited (this is what being a grandma does to you), because the temporary upswing in temperatures (29F by early afternoon!) tells me that this is the day to take Snowdrop for a stroll around the farmette.

She is suspicious. Snowsuit? What is this?? But she quiets down and takes in the amazing touch of cool air and, for just a few minutes, the warmth of a winter sun on her face.

I introduce her to the hens -- the girls come out to see what the fuss is all about...


Seeing that there is no lemon cake to be had, they move on. And Snowdrop? Well, it's almost too good for her! Within a scant minute, she closes her eyes and dreams beautiful winter dreams...


As for the car? We had a buyer with a good negotiated price and in the end he never showed up. Ed had cleaned up the old dear and he encourages me to admire his handiwork.

You want to take a last look? 
I can mind Snowdrop.
No, really. I feel nostalgia toward that car...
Do you want to keep the heart shaped light? (The car came with a throbbing red heart plugged into the cigarette holder socket. It's garish and fitting for the car's humble history of cruising the meaner streets of our cities)
Yes, thank you.

The old girl will sell. Though not today. Not on the day where my attentions are so focused on sunshine, Snowdrop, and spring. Well, the anticipation of spring.