Sunday, March 01, 2015

putting words in the mouths of babes

Sometimes you can well guess what goes on in the mind of an infant. Where is my food? Take me out of this car seat! Sometimes you can only imagine.

As I launch into my second (and, unfortunately, last) day with little Snowdrop (after a night where I was on edge and she was perfect), let me give the little one an adult vocabulary and let her speak through the photos I'll be posting. Of course, I can't say for sure this is what would be going through her head, but it certainly seems plausible.

Here's our day together, with my thoughts and possible Snowdrop thoughts:


me: wow, she is still asleep! and the swaddle didn't totally come undone!
snow: will she feed me if I wake up and turn on my demanding whimper? I'll give it a try...


me: first she eats, then I bathe her. I am such a sucker for natural baby product that claim to have not only lavender but also pansy flower extract. It feels like I'm lathering her with a spring bouquet! Oh, but bathing her in the sink is hard. Phew! I didn't let her slip through my fingers down the drain!
snow: I love bath time!


me: I'm going to dress her in the spare jammies I keep at the farmhouse. Otherwise she'll outgrow them! There, fresh and ready for the day!
snow: She obviously wants me to look cute. Alright, I'll oblige.


me, to Ed: today, you take the breakfast picture. Snowdrop is joining us, of course!
snow: So what's the deal here, she eats while I watch? Is that even fair?


me: Quilt time! On the tummy, then on your back! Belle, the cow will keep you company!
snow: I think I'm going to really love this cow with the skinny legs -- once I learn how to pick her up!


me: This bamboo bandana bib is so soft! And it snaps in the back -- nice!
snow: Wait, is it time for food, or time for pictures? I'm pretty patient for an almost eight week old, but you're pushing it, grandma!


me: Not a whole lot of sun, but it is in the twenties... Just for a few minutes. To the barn and back.
snow: I hate hate hate hate putting on the snowsuit and cap! I'm just going to howl the whole time you're doing it! Fine, I'll quiet down, but only if you keep the stroller moving! Do not stop for a photo! Hey, grandma, are you listening to me??


me: Oh! The parents just called to say they're coming home in a little while! I have to settle her after her outdoor adventure! Snowdrop, will you have one last dance with me?
snow: I miss mommy and daddy. But okay, grandma. I know you love me too.