Saturday, March 07, 2015

come out and play

It was such a sudden transformation! From siberian-arctic-polar-vortexy frigid air to spring!

We opened the sun room for good -- until the thick of the summer, when the heat from the early morning rays will warm up the farmhouse too much. But right now, there's no such thing as too much!

We eat breakfast in that morning burst of warmth!


The temperatures climb very quickly and it's as if they unlock the door for all living things. Deer come out at midday, chomping at the flower beds as if by invitation!


I stick my head out the window and tell them to leave my plants alone!


The cheepers, too, are happy to march right up to me for their daily handout.


Well, not Oreo. Ed has to carry him out into the sunlight. I think his limp is getting worse, but Ed tells me that he was there chasing the white hens early in the morning, feeling a spring-like surge of manhood.


You hear the drip of melting snow and you think -- how could winter recede so quickly? Could it be true that we are done with it?

I take the time out to bake a pound cake: orange pistachio. I need it for brunch tomorrow.


And then we meet up for brunch (I drive with Lily's sunroof wide open, how cool is that!) -- the Minnesota couple is here and we all head out to one of our favorite's -- Sardine. It's Snowdrop's first trip to a restaurant. She manages just fine. Happy to see aunt and uncle...


... while mom and birthday dad look on.


Back at the house, there's cake, there's singing...


...there's Snowdrop.


And toward the end of the day, we all come out and play! Or, actually go for a walk. A longer one.


I'll end with three photos:

Birthday dad.


Grinning at aunt...


...and uncle.


Our last minutes of playtime, indoors and out. Until tomorrow!