Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thursday leap

It seems that everything has moved forward in great leaps in just these last days. I've come back to a new world where trees are budding, cheepers are all over the farmette searching for treasures, and Snowdrop -- well now, not only does she babble  goos and gaas, but, too, she grabs and is intent in locating her thumb in that fist that now so often goes straight to the mouth.

My day is full of Snowdrop today as her parents have hit an especially work filled set of days. And so I try hard to fit all that needs to be fitted into the morning-- starting with breakfast, of course. [To some of you newer readers who well may wonder why the inclusion of this morning meal photo that looks so similar in every post -- well now, I consider this early set of minutes to be critical to my day: they set the stage for what's to follow. And so, too, I hope -- this image sets the stage for the post ahead.]


And to the commenters who rightly analogized the current state of the Ed head to a "giant dandelion gone to seed," I couldn't agree more! I did trim his beard when I returned, but to tell you the truth, we both kind of like the long, wild hair. (Or more correctly -- I like it and he's not in a hurry for me to trim it and so it remains puffy and not a little wild.)


After the noon hour, I have the pleasure of having Snowdrop at the farmette.


Maybe it's that she came in one of her new little dresses (it makes her look just that much older!). Or maybe it's that as she nears her three month milestone. Whatever the reason -- I have a new Snowdrop before me, with all sorts of new requirements and preconditions, but also with a great deal more patience and understanding of what's what in this world.

(holding onto moosie's ear)

(a kick and a smile)

Ed and I take her out for a longer walk -- how could we not, when the temps are again in the mid sixties today!



And after, she plays and babbles and chortles and grabs and it's all so enormously delightful.


("I can grab my own dress!")

("ha ha ha!")

Who knows what worlds this little girl will conquer tomorrow?!