Wednesday, July 01, 2015


The first day back is always packed to the rim. I cannot afford to think "jet lag" thoughts. Besides, coming home from Europe is supposed to be easy: you just want to get up earlier than usual.

So true. I was up at 5 and by 5:30 both Ed and I were working in the yard.


I'm pulling weeds, Ed is picking many, many sacks of peas. Mind you, not our own -- the animals ate those. But the farmer who works part of the farmette land fared better and after completing an abundant harvest of peas, she is ready to plow the land again. Ed thinks she left too many peas behind (quite likely because the thistle weed is so thick there that it's painful to pick anything) and so he set out to comb through her field picking the missed pods.

Two hours later, we sit down to breakfast.


Inside! Of all things -- the first of July and we're not on the porch? Well, it's a mess out on the porch. In my absence, Ed was forced to do a number of repair jobs around the farmette and so the porch patio door is only in its infant stages of assembly and installation. We did tidy things later in the day but in the early morning, it was far more pleasant to simply eat indoors.

Even as the flowers outside are really picking up their summer dance!




Most of the remaining hours of the day are devoted to the usual tedious appointments, shopping trips, tidying events and laundry struggles -- all part of every return home. But I do have this set of high points to offer.

First, my quick visit to Snowdrop's home. Talk about picking up a summer dance! That girl has grown by leaps and bounds!


She is so energetic, so happy in acquiring new skills that I can hardly believe I was gone for only 2.5 weeks! It seems she grew at least 2.5 months since I last saw her.

I had another long while to be with her when the young parents and Snowdrop and her visiting other grandma came to dinner at the farmhouse this evening. (Ed and I had pushed the clutter to the side by then.)


Snowdrop has popped a tooth and in continuing with her teething, she now has a favorite way to sooth her gums: a frozen bagel.


She is wonderfully energetic and I am so very happy to witness her enthusiasm and zest for life!


It is now, for me, an ungodly late hour. But a happy hour. I've spent time today slowly but surely catching up with daughters, Ed's asleep on the floor after a grueling bike ride, and Snowdrop is quite likely dreaming dreams of running marathons or scaling the highest summits.

I am so happy to be home.