Friday, August 28, 2015

getting ready

Two notable details about this day: the rains came and I did not see Snowdrop. I know what you're thinking -- a gloomy post will follow!

Not so. I have a weekend of activities and I needed the day to get ready for them. We will have weekend house guests and, too, we will host a dinner for 15 tomorrow (though two of those are, at best, sampling mush right now). This means that the farmhouse gets its most detailed cleaning job.

Right after breakfast...

farmette life-2.jpg

... Ed takes off for "the office" and I set to work on housecleaning. I have my gradations. On a scale of one to ten, where one is a mere wiping down of a few surfaces and ten is everything (including throw rugs) is laundered, polished and spiffed up, I'd say I aimed for a 9.5 today. (I did not wash windows.)

I had hoped to put in a couple of hours in the yard -- it looks fine, but I know there are places that could use a manicure (actually, if you stand back, it can look quite wild!)...

farmette life-3.jpg

...but the rain, a nice, steady shower that is so very good for growing things, keeps me indoors. For the most part.

farmette life-5.jpg
(admiring the day lilies that will not stop!)

farmette life-7.jpg
(loving the lavender)

farmette life-9.jpg
(Scotch strains her neck to see if I have any bread for her)

You wonder why I'm not fussing in the kitchen. Shouldn't I be cooking right now?

When I first offered to host the dinner, I wasn't sure how much time I would have to get things ready and so you're looking at a cook who has abdicated her responsibilities and handed over the job to caterers -- very favorite caterers, actually, and so the guests will only benefit.

It's important to note the occasion that triggers all this hustle and activity. On Sunday, Snowdrop is being baptized in the church her parents belong to. It's a small ceremony, but family that lives in the Midwest is driving up and down and if you tally up the group, we have ourselves a count of fifteen, including the babe herself (and also a baby of one of the atendees).

And so the photo count for this post paltry. But I'm happy as can be to be seeing my younger girl and her husband tomorrow and I'm delighted that Snowdrop will have the attention of many. Like all children, she adores the watchful, loving gaze of a family member. A jiggle on the knee is alright by her as well.

More tomorrow.