Thursday, November 12, 2015

a day in art

Because I am with Snowdrop from early morning til late at night today, my Ocean writing is going to be minimal. At the same time, because I wont see the little one again until Sunday eve (the young family is getting together with Snowdrop's aunt and uncle), I'm likely to include more photos than usual -- to carry me through until the end of the weekend!

Breakfast is just for Ed and myself today. Our young guest was off to work and our leisurely morning meal would have been a stress more than a pleasure for him.

farmette life-2.jpg

The day is windy, cold and gray, but looking up, I'm still delighted with the landscape. Perhaps it's the crabapple. or the wind in the willows (!)...

farmette life-3.jpg

I have another mouse to let out. Number eight and counting! And then I drive to Snowdrop's home.

Here we go, bits and pieces of her Thursday, in photos:

First we have the little girl with her post-breakfast, post-bath contemplative gaze...

farmette life-11.jpg

I remind her that Thursday is art class day!

We were told it would be a messy class, but I'm prepared!

What follows is a series of photos that I took as we were killing time before leaving for class. Snowdrop just loves it when I roll her around on the floor.

farmette life-28.jpg

farmette life-25.jpg

farmette life-44.jpg

farmette life-39.jpg

Okay, off to class.

Once there, we wait for the others to arrive. This may well be her favorite part. She is delighted when the kids (and adults!) show up.

farmette life-45.jpg

She is the youngest today, but she sits with the rest at the table and weighs in on the project -- which is to create something that eventually will resemble a turkey. A lot of enthusiastic adults are saying "gobble, gobble," but this of course means nothing to her. She contemplates the orange on the squishy sponge.

farmette life-67.jpg

It's a bit puzzling to her...

farmette life-68.jpg

Assessing her work so far:

farmette life-75.jpg

Don't be too hard on yourself, Snowdrop, there's more! Finger paints (or get-paint-on-everything time!):

farmette life-77.jpg

Finally, the feathers.

farmette life-90.jpg

The teacher sticks on turkey eyes, but by that time, Snowdrop was done. As was grandma, who couldn't wait to get her into the tub again.

Fresh and honest once more!

farmette life-92.jpg

And so full of joy!

farmette life-104.jpg

In the late afternoon, we joined Snowdrop's mom for a quick stroller walk (it was gusting close to 50 mph!) and Snowdrop and I lingered for a while in her home, where the poor girl again hoped for a cuddly moment with at least one of the cats...

farmette life-6.jpg

But no matter. As the evening approached, Snowdrop and I left to give the young couple a chance to attend to their social obligations. We picked up grandpa Ed and went over to our local farmers market (indoors this month!) to purchase cheese and veggies.

Snowdrop was adored by the vendors (who did not have many customers while we were there) and she had the most wonderful time munching raw broccoli.

farmette life-19.jpg

A poster child for broccoli love!

farmette life-16.jpg

One vendor offered her a slice of market pizza and she was thrilled with this as well, though I removed the mushrooms because I wasn't sure if ten month olds could eat mushrooms.

farmette life-34-2.jpg

It was a wonderful outing, followed by a wonderful reunion with her toys at the farmhouse and of course a bunch of magic moments with grandpa Ed.

farmette life-37.jpg

farmette life-9-2.jpg

True, the little one protested her evening nap to high heaven and was not appeased by our clever inclusion of Christmas lights in her room to chase away the darkness, but she can be forgiven: from art to broccoli -- the sweet girl had an exciting day. She wasn't ready to slow down.

And now the evening turns to night. The girl has left. The farmhouse is quiet. Goodnight, goodnight sweet child! Have a beautiful weekend. I know you will.