Monday, November 16, 2015

new week

It really does feel like we've turned a corner. Adjusted the course. Steadied the pace. Possibly it's because it really appears that we're finally heading toward winter. It's not that the weather is freezing -- no, not yet. That will come with the weekend. But, the trees are in their winter undress and the landscape looks dusty gray.

Not that you can't get color, though today your best bet was to look for it at the moment of sunrise.

farmette life-4.jpg

Ed and I had a working breakfast at the farmhouse. This is unusual and not something I especially like, but we've had some paper work to get through (a funny term -- "paper work" -- as if we do anything on paper these days!) and neither of us wanted an interruption.

farmette life-6.jpg

And then Snowdrop came (because it's Monday!) and a huge spark of color burst in through the doors of the farmhouse. Here you have the last photo of her funny ragamuffin countenance (meaning the "before" shot):

farmette life-10.jpg

After, I sat her down in her high chair and, upon the request of her mom, gave Snowdrop her first haircut. Mind you, the girl didn't exactly sit still for it and my plans for a fancy layered trim were somewhat foiled by her vivaciousness, but still, I think we came out okay in the end!

farmette life-27.jpg

And so a new era begins for Snowdrop: she is now a girl with a bob and bangs.

farmette life-30.jpg

The reward for her cheeriness during the whole session? We get to go out and feed the cheepers stale bread and, too, some cookies that no one here likes.

farmette life-36.jpg

The girl surely had a good weekend. She's all smiles today!

farmette life-3-2.jpg

This next one reserved for Ed.

farmette life-7-2.jpg

farmette life-10-2.jpg

In the late afternoon, I take her back to her home, where she spends an exciting set of minutes playing with animal magnets on the refrigerator door.

farmette life-12.jpg

It's hard for me to motivate myself to take her out for a walk. But I'm not a Polish grandma for nothing. Fresh air, Snowdrop!

It's so late when we do go out, that the sun has long set. Across the street, the holiday lights are in full swing. She's puzzled. She's pleased. She's puzzled.

farmette life-18-2.jpg

She is amazed.

Yep: the seasons have changed on us over the weekend. Just like that.