Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Driving in this morning to Snowdrop's home, I listened, as always, to the Market Watch segment of the news program on NPR. Some credentialed person was reporting that millennials who, in the past, may have chosen a career on Wall Street, are flocking instead to the Silicone Valley, in pursuit of jobs that are more path-breaking (think Uber rather than J.P. Morgan) and, importantly, come with their share of millennial perks -- more flexible hours, good healthy foods at work, access to the outdoors -- that kind of thing. The reporter noted -- in other words, they're going for the quinoa.

Well, I don't think Snowdrop meets the definition of a millennial, but surely she is the child of two such parents (is a millennial someone who reaches adulthood at the beginning of this millennium?) and sure enough, as I reach in the cupboard for something to give the little girl for her breakfast, I see there is a berry-banana-quinoa concoction there. I had to smile, having myself never tasted quinoa until I was about 60.

farmette life-7.jpg
quinoa and berries, ey?

My own breakfast was with a sleepy Ed. Honestly, I did not think he was going to make it to the table, but he did, the good soul that he is...

farmette life-2.jpg

And then off I went to Snowdrop's home.

After her breakfast, a few minutes of play in p.j.'s. There is a holiday theme here!

farmette life-12.jpg

Okay, Snowdrop, let's get you dressed and pressed! (I have to say, Snowdrop sometimes reminds me of my own grandma: I hear that lip smacking in the little girl that I heard so often from my own "babcia!" Is it genetic??)

farmette life-31.jpg

And here's the little girl exhibiting a skill that will come in handy once she learns about cookie jars...

farmette life-35.jpg

Snowdrop had been just a touch under the weather for a bit and so not surprisingly, she is tired after all that play. Penguin to the rescue!

farmette life-19.jpg

In the afternoon, she has spurts of energy...

farmette life-5.jpg

Clap clap clap!

farmette life-8-2.jpg

But she likes it best when I dance with her. Meaning, I dance and jump her up and down. Again and again and again. It's a tough request, but she is so happy, that I call forth all my energy.

farmette life-2-3.jpg

There is a package delivery. She is so curious! I explain to her that those may be Christmas surprises. Oh, by the way, while we have her in the unusual pose from the back, let me comment on her weirdly amazing hair:

farmette life-12-2.jpg

It's as if she was coiffed to the nines... In fact, it's just the way her hair falls.

farmette life-10-2.jpg

Alright -- one last one, where the little girls asks Goldie, the rather staid cat, if she can please maybe please pet her. Goldie doesn't protest. Snowdrop utters her squeals of joy.

farmette life-1-3.jpg

The photos end here, but the story of Snowdrop isn't always captured in the photos. In fact, she took her first solo steps today. Her parents were thrilled. I was thrilled. She was thrilled. The cats were indifferent.