Friday, January 22, 2016

gap day

You know how some kids take a year off before or after college to take stock and to recalibrate? It's called a gap year. Well, call today my gap day.

Somehow, even though I'd gotten a good night's rest (finally!), and have a mild weekend ahead, and have an easy cheesy day before me and a lovely breakfast to start us off...

farmette life-1.jpg

...By the time I get to the grocery store to do my weekly shopping, right there, halfway between restocking all my veggies and selecting the cheese for the week I feel lousy.

The moral of the story -- we all need a gap day to keep the machinery oiled and running.

I spent a good part of the day visiting doctor's offices and I had some very pleasant conversations with some very excellent medical people. I especially loved the doctor I saw who kept insisting he had seen me at Dragonfly Yoga where he and his wife routinely do, well, yoga. I assured him I'd been only to Perennial and he looked glum at that: I'm loyal to Dragonfly, he said. I felt sorry that I wasn't who he thought I was, but still, we had great rapport.

Because I hadn't felt well in a grocery store, I left it to Ed to pick up and put away the groceries, which was very funny as he puts lettuce on a top shelf and leaves flowers lying flat on the counter top until I come home. I mean, the man needs me!

Once I felt better, I sought to recover the rest of my day which included spending some few hours with Snowdrop. I did not have my camera and so all you get is one iPhone photo of a most sparky, lovely and lively little girl.


And that's it! Ed and I are hanging loose tonight. My gap day requires it!


  1. Between grocery shopping and Snowdrop, it sounds like you had only a part of a gap day. Some gap hours, perhaps. I hope you have a relaxed weekend to rest up and recover!

  2. Looks like Snowdrop wants you to feel better... as do we all!


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