Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday in Warsaw

I go to bed completely unsettled. I'm tired, so I fall asleep, but I wake up in the middle of the night and spend hours wrestling with what the next step should be in my apartment hunt. I call Ed. I fire off emails. I read everything about apartments, about neighborhoods, I study maps. Finally, at dawn, I go back to sleep and log in an hour or so more of rest.



I tell my sister I have decided to downgrade in my heart the beautiful apartment on the ugly, busy, noisy street. (Location, location!). My sister agrees. She tells me Poles don't like to buy places on streets that spell chaos. Resale will be affected.

But I'm not convinced I will be happy with the interior of the second place we saw last night. And so I tell my sister -- lets hope for a love affair with candidate number 3! We're to view it toward the late morning.

In the meantime, winter has come to Warsaw. The temperatures fall below freezing and last night's snow still lingers on the tree branches. The sun is coming out. It's beautiful!

We decide to go for a long walk (bundle up -- it's cold!) in the area of Warsaw's beautiful parks and from there, make our way to the old neighborhood of Mokotow, home to the third apartment.

I leave you with photos from our walk. From there, events move so fast in very unpredictable directions and there are not minutes left for me to describe them tonight. I will post Part II of the story tomorrow, after my travels back home.

Our walk then.

Park Ujazdowski:


 The snow-covered avenue that abuts Lazienki Park:


Inside Lazienki Park, a gust of wind sends the snow flying off the branches:


Mother and daughter -- a winter portrait:


And I'll leave you with this one -- still in Lazienki Park: a grandma and her grandchild.


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  1. What a delight to think of you and your sister walking through that most beautiful of parks on a perfect winter day. And now I have to hold my breath for the sequel!! xx


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