Tuesday, July 05, 2016

getting there

An early post for you! Right on the tail of the previous one!

I really wasn't sure I was going to get anywhere tonight. A call for airport strikes usually affects the short haul flights within France and I was to travel from Biarritz after all (it's far cheaper to buy a ticket from Biarritz to Warsaw than from Paris to Warsaw and connect to Paris by train). I counseled myself to be patient and to take things in stride.

The day began with cloudy skies and cool temperatures. Ah, this is what I was expecting all along from the Atlantic side. I had been lucky to have had two summery, mostly sunny days. Still, the innkeepers close the doors to the patio and so I take my last Biarritz breakfast indoors. Which is a shame, but the excellent bread product more than makes up for it.

France -3.jpg

I have to make a dash to the post box to mail back my WiFi hot spot device (I had only rented it for France) and in doing this, I have a chance to take one last fond look at Biarritz...

France -5.jpg

... and the ocean.

France -7.jpg

I see that the number of surfers seems to have multiplied ten fold. Are there to be waves? It looks pretty calm right now...

France -10.jpg

And then I wave a fond farewell to my wonderful little hotel...

France -11.jpg

... and I'm off to the airport, where I learn there are no cancellations so far. What good luck! I travel without incident to Paris (I would say, coming in to the airport, it looks almost like Wisconsin. Almost. The clusters of houses rather than the isolated farmsteads I think gives it away)...

 France -14.jpg

At the airport I grab this insignificant lunch...

France -16.jpg

... and then I get ready to board the late afternoon flight to Warsaw.

That's it for photos for today. I'll be staying with my sister -- probably for the last time ever, as my next trip here should be to my own old but soon to be freshly new apartment.

I really will have only two full days in Poland. The first is going to be spent on matters pertaining to the apartment and the second -- well, it will be nicely relaxed and I will eventually amble over to my friend's home to meet up with the usual gang for an evening of joviality.

I've already been teased that I chose to travel to Poland at the same time that Obama is coming here (actually he's arriving on Wednesday, but still, we overlap). There is sort of an ironic coincidence -- the president (whom I like so much, by the way) from my adopted country, passing through this way while I'm here. Maybe I should stand on the street and wave a little flag? No, I've never been a flag waving type. Still, I'll let you know if Warsaw is topsy turvy for the momentous arrival of all NATO heads of state.

Until tomorrow then!


  1. Ah, it looks like you have eaten my same exact breakfast. Hehehe. Although I have to skip the fruit. My body has big reactions to the introduction to non-carbs that are incompatible with travel. I'm taking a morning off. My travel companions are climbing a small mountain somewhere. I'm saving all my "climb" for ancient steps.

  2. I think you should invite the President to have lunch with you and your friends...


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