Saturday, July 30, 2016


A weekend post. Just a handful of words, because honestly, weekend days are almost always too full to allow for careful writing. But I do have photos for you. I can sit quietly and let them pick up the story of a day. They'll speak of colors and changes and outings and romps with arms flying. Let's begin!

First, the flowers. Two side beds to start us off. They're thriving and I'm not surprised: it's been a good year for flowers.

farmette life-5.jpg

farmette life-7.jpg

Breakfast. With table flowers. I have to admit that these are rarely from our flowers beds. I can only cut down stalks that have fallen. I cannot get myself to tamper with fields in bloom.

farmette life-11.jpg

One look toward the sheep shed...

farmette life-17.jpg

... and I'm off. To Snowdrop's home. Hey, little girl, let's go go go! To the market. Gaga, mommy and you!

Okay okay, okay!

farmette life-20.jpg

On the Square now, waiting for mommy to pick up baked treats to munch on.

farmette life-27.jpg

farmette life-30.jpg

A spice girl for the little one today.

farmette life-32.jpg

At the market itself, I pick up my usual oyster mushrooms. And I add to this stalks of flowers -- they're everywhere today and indeed, many of them are grown in the fields just to the east of us. One of my favorite vendors lets me pick out my own stems and charges hardly anything for the bunch I put together. And she offers Snowdrop some extras.

farmette life-33.jpg

farmette life-39.jpg

At another stall, I pick up sweet Door County cherries...

farmette life-41.jpg

I rarely come with a list on these Saturday outings. I treat these purchases as extras, supplementing what I have back home.

And at the end of our spin around the Square, Snowdrop comes out of her stroller and  she and her mom engage in a chase that makes me smile each time I witness it.

farmette life-43.jpg

It's joyous and proud...

farmette life-45.jpg

... and full of love.

farmette life-51.jpg

I return to the farmette with my purchases.

farmette life-58.jpg

And now it's time for Ed and I to set out. Ours is not a big outing, but it's one we both like quite a bit: to the east, where we stop by a nursery to see if they still have some annual plants that they're trying to offload at rock bottom prices. I'm a tad late. Most of the stock is gone, but I do pick up a couple of wilted pots that I'll happily restore in one of my beds.

We're close to our favorite chocolate shop and so we stop there as well. And finally, we swing by the corn farm for a few cobs for supper. (The family of farmers also raise long horn cattle. Ed thinks I'm neglecting them here on Ocean. I'm amused at his insistence that I stop and take a picture. They're just cattle. They're long horns!  I give in. Here's a pic of the mom scratching her own back while the little calf looks on.

farmette life-63.jpg

Home again. Beautiful, bountiful, colorful home. I spend the rest of the afternoon trimming beds, planting the vulnerable newcommers and watering all the ones that I think need water.

farmette life-67.jpg

The day had beautiful weather, which in turn made even the most ordinary scene look spectacular. You just need to step outside -- how easy is that?!

farmette life-14.jpg


  1. The longhorns really are cool... glad you included them!

  2. The last mother and daughter photo is frame worthy -- the absolute joy of the moment! That's the kind of picture you like to keep right in front of your eyes. On your reading table - on mommy's desk - in Snowdrop's room. :))

  3. In the photo with Snowdrop on the bench, is that a Tiny House parked on the street? I'm afraid I'll never be a Tiny House person -- I added on, rather than weeding out stuff -- although I spent one lovely summer in my favorite of our several 5th-wheel trailers and it was fairly adequate. I always wonder why people who want their tiny house don't use a trailer and get the tiny house when they settle in.

    1. It's a food cart. They're very popular in Madison.

  4. I don't think they're longhorns-aren't they some long haired shaggy cow/beast from Scotland? They're my favorite cows either way. I love it when their hair is so long they can't see. Thanks for listening to Ed and showing them on your blog. :)


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