Monday, September 05, 2016

Labor Day

I set a task for myself: today I'll provide balance to my recent run of purchases. [Through Pani Karolina, I have been acquiring all the necessities for my Warsaw apartment. Though I've kept it to a minimum -- one pot, one frying pan, one set of sheets, etc -- nonetheless, I've felt very consummerish lately.]  I'll clean out, delete, flush out, get rid of stuff here at the farmhouse.

And after breakfast...

 farmette life-1.jpg

...that's exactly what I do. I reduce my supply of books yet again, by at least a third, I eliminate most anything I haven't worn recently, and I empty a year's worth of photos from my photoshop folder. (Okay, that's sort of a cheat as it takes no room to store stuff on a computer, except I'm straining the capacity on my very ancient MacBook, so this is not an insignificant endeavor!)

It feels grand. It always feels grand to downsize, to minimize, to declutter your environment. Indeed, I want to do even more, but I think I'm getting a little bit reckless and besides, there is dinner to prepare.

But first, we haul bags and crates of stuff to Goodwill. Uff!

Everything around me now feels lighter and brighter, even though I am sure it's more in my mind. Ed points out -- you hardly made a dent, to which I retort -- maybe you could get rid of some of the moldy road maps from the  1960s in the basement, even though I know I'm going to get something like -- they're of historic value! from him, and I do.

The younger family comes for a Labor Day cook out and I cheat heavily, because I cook the chicken brats and the corn indoors (easier!). I'm hoping they won't notice. Snowdrop usually distracts us from such details.

(Here, she devours my predinner snack of roasted beets...)

farmette life-6.jpg

(A moment of respite for the mom...)

farmette life-16.jpg

Finally, dinner. Lovely, calm, beloved by Snowdrop. Chicken brats? yes!! corn? yes!! garden tomatoes? yes!!)

farmette life-23.jpg

Strawberry ice cream? Yes!!

farmette life-26.jpg

I can do this!!
(A flurry of polka dots!))

farmette life-32.jpg

Yes you can.

The Labor Day weekend draws to a close. Oh, but it was such a good weekend!

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  1. The photo of your daughter with wine glass and delightful expression is my top pick for the day.

    and yes! doesn't an uncluttered environment feel good, serene.

    I've been helping at my mother's house and I have found: old coffee makers that have been replaced... stacks of grocery-store disposable pie-pans, saved .... half-burned candles from the 60's when orange was in style, and now it is again but I don't want them - and she's annoyed that I don't want them - and I get a lecture about not being frugal - !!!!! I understand she was a child of the Depression era, but all of this is sad to me.

    So I come home from one of those visits, and unclutter more of my already uncluttered house! It is so freeing!
    I finally got rid of my boys' high school letter jackets, because they're not in the least interested in having them, and I just realized I'm not either :)


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