Sunday, September 11, 2016


The ever lovely Snowdrop, who'll sleep late and long at home, wakes up at the farmhouse shortly after dawn and by 7:20 she clamors to come down. Well, that's fine. I'm up with the cheepers anyway.

The little girl is just a bit under the weather -- an expected thing, given her first exposure to school this year -- but you would never know it for the enthusiasm she brings downstairs!

It's too early for all of us to sit down to a farmhouse breakfast and so I give her her beloved yoyo's (aka yogurts) first and, too, her bath and even now it still seems a tad early to rouse grandpa Ed and so we take a little stroll outside.

farmette life-99.jpg

She's fine with that, but I'm not. Still too buggy for my liking. We give the cheepers their scraps of bread and come back inside and guess what -- the big guy is up and willing to play and that just makes the little girl so happy.

Play ball? 

farmette life-76.jpg

And then I tell her that she can join us now for our regular old breakfast and her cup is beyond full!

Yeah, I like everything you guys eat!

farmette life-53.jpg


farmette life-100.jpg

She is to go back home this morning, but I give her parents just a little more time to sleep in -- they're the ones rising early all week to get her to school on time -- and Snowdrop of course is in full play mode now. We dance...

farmette life-113.jpg

... she reads...

You say that's a cake, grandma? Do we have cake?

farmette life-141.jpg

She is an absolute delight (says unbiased grandma nina).

Snowdrop returns home. And now, Ed and I have this hankering to head out. Jefferson, a town just about 30 miles to our east, hosts the annual Wisconsin sheep and wool festival. We've been to it before (Ocean is a good reminder of such things!), but that was seven years ago and you, of course, know that I've recently taken up thinking sheepish thoughts and making up sheeply rhymes. Basically, I find sheep lovely to behold and terrifically interesting to inspect up close.

farmette life-96.jpg

 Sheep, about to be herded by the ever brilliant border collies.

farmette life-151.jpg

The collies, anxious to get to their job.

farmette life-114.jpg

The preparation at the festival, the excitement...

farmette life-130.jpg

farmette life-161.jpg

The competition.

farmette life-171.jpg

farmette life-165.jpg

The sheep.

farmette life-79.jpg

We must stop meeting like this!

farmette life-104.jpg

Ed and I watch the sheering demonstration.

Come on out, babe!

farmette life-146.jpg

I got her in position!

farmette life-93.jpg

... Get that wool off!

farmette life-46.jpg


farmette life-15.jpg

Me, I like to keep my wooly face wooly!

farmette life-47.jpg

The festival is about sheep, but it is also about their coats and the yarn we spin.

This spinner struck me as so beautifully fitted to the task...

farmette life-91.jpg

And there are vendors, selling everything imaginable related to sheep. We don't ignore them. We buy five chunks of sheep cheese.

And there are the lambs. These are not yet a day old.

farmette life-147.jpg

mom, nudging...

farmette life-176.jpg

And oh, those hairstyles!

farmette life-143.jpg

Finally, the herding competition...

farmette life-122.jpg

The end of a full day. Should I buy Snowdrop a t-shirt? No, I mean -- what are the chances of her loving sheep all the way into adulthood?

farmette life-63.jpg

Sheep like to sleep.
Goodnight sheep!
Goodnight, good night...

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