Wednesday, September 21, 2016


It stormed at night, it stormed at 4:45 a.m. as Ed was taking off for a business trip, it stormed after he left and I went out to let the chickens out, and when he came back because his flight had been cancelled.

Well, it made for a nicer breakfast. Instead of him being out of town, I have his company and he is fully awake and we eat warm oatmeal and comment on how soggy this month is getting to be.

farmette life-1.jpg

When I pick up Snowdrop at school, she insists on wearing her raincoat -- a good idea, I suppose, except that it's a short distance from school to car and then from car to the house.

She would have loved to take a walk...

farmette life-5.jpg

... but I am less enthused.

How about a ride around inside in your toy car instead?

Good enough.

farmette life-15.jpg

But I can see by her acrobatics and stretches that the girl is full of energy.
A nap first, little one. Then we'll consider the possibilities.

farmette life-19.jpg

You'll think this to have been a short post. It's true. After her nap, Snowdrop and I wait very patiently for the weather to improve. I had images of outings. She keeps running to get her shoes, telling me emphatically -- shoes on, go out!

I show her the clouds.

farmette life-2.jpg

We listen to thunder.

We stay in.

Evening. Ed and I have Thai take out for dinner. Driving home, I look at the clouds and think-- beautiful, in a bleak and threatening sort of way.

farmette life-7.jpg

The storms will pass. And from my perspective -- that's a good thing.

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