Sunday, July 31, 2016


If I had no family nearby, if Ed were not by my side (or if he were to be always preoccupied from morning til dawn with a project -- like he is now), all Sundays would look like this: I would be up fairly early, I would work outside, snipping, watering, I would clean the house, I would eat a breakfast (a very solitary breakfast) and then I would either work on some writing project, or I would read, or, like today, I would catch up on computer work.

I would post photos only of my garden (not that I do not love my garden). I would give not much thought to dinner (salads were invented for people who want to throw a dinner into one big bowl). I would think about the week ahead and look carefully at my budget to make sure I could afford another toy for my grandchild (that lived far away, because remember -- I'm imagining living alone, far from family...).

My normal Sunday does not look like this, but today was not normal and indeed, the above describes it most perfectly. Ed is intensely preoccupied with bringing his machine to market (though he insisted on vacuuming -- which is his job in farmhouse-clean up and which I graciously left to him, even though I knew that in his state of tiredness and preoccupation, he would gloss over surfaces and I would have to pick up all he left behind). And the young family is coming to dinner tomorrow, not today (for reasons that I will explain tomorrow). And so I was today (nearly) alone with my flowers.

And that's pretty much all you get, so you better like flowers.

(Some colors only work well together in nature...)

farmette life-2.jpg

(I do a lot of maintenance work at the roadside bed...)

farmette life-11.jpg

(The girls follow, to see where I'm working and what I'm up to. )

farmette life-5.jpg

(By the driveway: frilly things, still going strong.)

farmette life-12.jpg

(A far corner of the Great Bed...)

farmette life-15.jpg

There is a precious and quite wonderful breakfast with Ed on the porch.

farmette life-20.jpg

... and that's it! Dinner is -- well, you know: as described above. The salad, a couple of cheeper eggs, left over corn from the corn farmers and oyster mushrooms from the market. And tomatoes from our garden! (Here's Ed, bringing in today's haul.)

farmette life-22.jpg

Yes, Ed did join me for dinner. I was grateful that he could stay awake. He is one tired guy.

I'll end with the flowers. Because on the last day of July, it's still all about the flowers around here.

farmette life-16.jpg