Tuesday, August 09, 2016

catch up on Tuesday

That's what I have been telling myself all month long -- I'll catch up on Tuesday. Details of the forthcoming trip, doctors appointments, last minute yard work -- Tuesday, folks! It'll happen on Tuesday!

Snowdrop is away today and I leave tomorrow and this leaves me with a free day -- this day, a day that is the hoop for all those chores that were thrown into it.

I do have a few photos from the garden. I wanted so much to record its last summer magic, but the mosquitoes -- the talk of the town: my God, they are fierce this year! do you remember them ever being this bad? (yes) -- those pesky bugs just will not allow for a contemplative moment outdoors, with or without camera. (It's a good thing I like bees, otherwise I'd be miffed at them too, especially the one that stung me as I tried to brush it off, thinking it to be a beetle. My fault, I suppose, for mixing up my entomological classification.)

So you get a few photos, but of a general nature, taken throughout the day.

farmette life-7.jpg

And of course, there is the lovely breakfast on the porch...

farmette life-2.jpg

After breakfast, I leave my camera at home because there is nothing to be had by tugging it along to three doctor's appointments (yes, three! I pushed everything into this Tuesday!), or to the mall where I looked for a pair of pants that would look good, be comfortable, and stay on -- not easy, if you think about it.

Another garden shot:

farmette life-4.jpg

With cheepers!

farmette life-11.jpg

And lest you think I'm ailing -- according to the docs who were willing to offer random diagnoses, I'm not, though I did get more than one reminder that I have to stay on top of stuff or else! (Or else what? You're telling me I'm probably quite fine. Yes, but... Lesson: you should never argue with a doctor.)

Another garden photo -- the venerable farmhouse!

farmette life-9.jpg

Because I am leaving tomorrow, Ed and I spend a good bit of time in each others space today. Since he is very tired from too many very late nights of work, he does use our time together to catch up on sleep,  but that actually is quite lovely: I like packing a suitcase in his dozing company. His rhythmic breathing, the sense of peace -- it fills the farmhouse with tranquility and calm.

In the evening, we were to go out for a dinner together, but I could tell where this was heading: as the light fades, so does my inclination to go anywhere at all and so we order take out Thai and I make him watch a good bit of the Olympics with me. Which is special.

Tomorrow I'm off -- traveling on the airline that cancelled 1000 flights Monday and 600 flights today because of computer failures.

I'm not worried. I'll get there. Somehow or other, I'll get there.

(View from the porch tonight...)

farmette life-1-2.jpg

I'll write en route tomorrow.