Sunday, November 13, 2016


I look outside and I think -- in the last few weeks we moved from near summer temps, through fall appropriate brisk winds, to (coming next weekend) a wintry chill. And still the glorious sun continues to shine down on us, making this a gentle time: despite all that's going on at the political front, here we are, in that rural landscape of the Midwest, basking in seemingly perpetual sunshine!

farmete life-4.jpg

I'm still picking up the pieces of a busy Fall. The yard is more or less ready for winter, but the house needs a thorough scrub. And so breakfast is late. Very late.

farmete life-2.jpg

And then in the afternoon, I push us out for a walk.

The fields to the east are cut and a plow runs through them all day long...

farmete life-5.jpg

We walk on. To the Nature Conservancy lands, where, at the side, cattle graze.

farmete life-8.jpg

But the trail I'd been wanting to follow here is too overgrown. Ed says it's manageable, but he's way taller and still the grasses top his head.

farmete life-12.jpg

(The extravagance is in the sky. The big beautiful Wisconsin sky...

farmete life-14.jpg

We walk in awe of it.)

farmete life-17.jpg

And eventually when the going gets too tough, we turn back.

I'm thinking -- we move together well, Ed and I. We like it, need it, look for it: movement.

In the evening, Ed goes out for a meeting of fellow bikers (all aging, all liking to scheme big, even as the biking adventures grow smaller, shorter...). It is the weekend's end and so the young family comes to the farmhouse for dinner.

Snowdrop is in a lovely mood!

farmete life-9.jpg

farmete life-3-2.jpg

(Showing her Eastern European roots?)

farmete life-15.jpg

She loves loves LOVES everything about dinner, except the decorative green sprigs of fennel. She picks them out daintily and continues, totally satisfied.

farmete life-27.jpg

Happiness. We all strive toward it and yet, sometimes I think that the younger we are, the easier it is for us to grab it when it rolls by.

farmete life-36.jpg

It's a school night. The young family leaves.

Outside, the moon is as large, pink and beautiful as I've ever seen it.

It shines brightly...

farmete life-4-2.jpg

on all of us tonight.