Thursday, December 29, 2016


Right about now you have to find ways to love winter. Days like this -- gray, short, cold, snowless and on top of it all, pretty early on in the season, so you know it's just the beginning -- don't make it easy, so you have to do some work.

Many people start leafing through catalogues of spring plantings. I think that's not helpful. It's the now that has to have beauty and meaning, not just the tomorrow.

So I come back to the routine of a lovely breakfast. In the summer, it's on the porch of course, but right now it's in a warm farmhouse with plenty of greenery inside and today, I have an impish Ed across the table -- all this is just wonderful!

farmette life-1.jpg

My morning has me in the car quite a bit -- I need to pick up a replacement hinge for one of our cabinets before Snowdrop comes over (it's the one used most frequently -- under the sink) and I need to make a run to the library and the grocery store. I do not mind that the container of soda water cans rips open and they spill all over the parking lot. No, I do not mind. Soon I'll be inside, where it's warm. Soon I'll make myself a cup of infusion (that beloved winter drink that I have so often in Poland -- where you mix in lots of fruits with just a bit of fruited tea, maybe some spices and hot water). All good!

And then I pick up Snowdrop who is happy to put on her boots for a trip to the farmhouse.

farmette life-7.jpg

It's been a while since she has been here and so things feel a little new for her again. It's familiar stuff, but she has to remind herself how to plunge into play. We start by building a city of towers -- like Chicago! (She steps over it all with such grace...)

farmette life-14.jpg

Ed comes over from the sheep shed ("is that ahah?!")...

farmette life-27.jpg

....and makes her a melted cheese and mushroom sandwich. If it comes from him, it has to be good. (She finds a stray rubber band on the floor and, shockingly, asks me if I would make a pony tail for her!)

farmette life-30.jpg

I put on familiar music, but again, it's a change because just a week ago we were listening to Christmas stuff.  (Oh, how she loves this particular record cover!)

farmette life-38.jpg

To Snowdrop, seasons are still irrelevant. Indeed, a gray cold day isn't a burden. Especially when she is still on vacation from having to go to school. I follow her lead on that.

farmette life-41.jpg

The Christmas "tree" is now undecorated and returned to its rightful spot by the window, but I string the tree lights around the banister of the farmhouse stairs, just to bring a little more color inside at night. Outside, too, the porch lights remain lit, giving just that much more sparkle to a day where the clouds refuse to let a blue sky take hold.

farmette life-1-2.jpg

Early evening. Snowdrop is now rested and full of ideas. Trains! She is always happy as anything to play with trains. We weave the track (made of extra pieces from her set at home) around and under furniture.

farmette life-3.jpg

("Wait, who just climbed on my back?!")

farmette life-16-2.jpg

Ed puts on a youtube of a train, toot toots and all. She is mesmerized by it.

farmette life-24-2.jpg

She is really into trains... -- Ed muses.

Snowdrop is sleeping over today.  and so, as is our habit, we make pizza together for supper.

farmette life-31.jpg

As always, she eats every last bit of it.

farmette life-36.jpg

And of course, this gives her a very strong second wind. She suggests a game of "peekaboo I see you."

farmette life-46.jpg

She is delighted with the fact that she can actually hide from me.

farmette life-49.jpg

And then, much to my surprise, she goes right to the balance bike, the much neglected balance bike, and insists on riding it, helmet and all. Where did this new burst of confidence come from?

farmette life-53.jpg

It's hard to get her to think sleepy bedtime thoughts. Even the act of putting on pajamas does little to bring out her dozy state.

farmette life-57.jpg

That's okay. Play late sleep late. Right, little one? Remember to sleep late tomorrow!

Good night, good night. Tomorrow is another beautiful day.