Sunday, July 09, 2017


How about this idea: just photos for you today! I'm sure you can guess their backstory, just knowing that Snowdrop slept over at the farmhouse and that she came back later in the day with the young family for our traditional Sunday dinner.

Two details you may not pick up on your own: I really tried to up the cooking a bit. Call it the Parma influence. For dinner, I used bigger shrimp and added mussels to my pasta dish (Snowdrop loves both -- mussels and shrimp). Second point -- it's true love for my family that pushed me toward the raspberry patch (damn mosquitoes!) so that I could offer the berries along with ice cream for dessert. Snowdrop rewarded my efforts by devouring not only her berries, but those of her neighbors as well.

The rest? Just make your best guess from the photos.

farmette life-5.jpg

"Ahah! Come down for pancakes!"

farmette life-9.jpg

farmette life-23.jpg

farmette life-32.jpg

farmette life-44.jpg


farmette life-58.jpg

farmette life-59.jpg

farmette life-62.jpg

Reunion with mommy.

farmette life-68.jpg

What's blooming at the farmette?

farmette life-69.jpg

farmette life-71.jpg

Group shot!

farmette life-5-2.jpg

Dinner! The Aperol Spritz match Ed's shirt.

farmette life-4-3.jpg

Happy girl.

farmette life-17.jpg

A day well spent.


  1. The Mommy greeting photo is priceless. Always keep this one for Snowdrop. When she's a teenager she and her Mommy may need a reminder, from time to time, of their great and enduring love.

    1. It's so true: everything seems insanely easy and pure when you work with a two year old. Later -- well, then you have to mesh personalities and histories and it can all become very confusing. Or not! Could be lucky! I was lucky.

  2. Amazing how grown up Snowdrop looks... and acts! Love Mommy greeting and Daddy fist bumps!

    1. Snowdrop grows by leaps! As you well know! I was gone just a week and she seems to have grown in her vocabulary by at least a year! :)

    2. Seems as if she only has to hear a word once and she has it! And the way she keeps building longer and more complex sentences is wonderful.


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