Tuesday, March 07, 2017


If you have a blog, say one that you've been writing daily for more than a dozen years, you may be tempted to occasionally look back on posts from long ago (don't you think that  some 10 years qualifies as long ago? I was 53 then and am 63 now -- woosh! that's a lifetime!).

I did that last night. Not for historic reasons but because I was a tiny bit interested in how the tone of my writing has changed.

It has. Greatly. I need only flip through any and all posts written in the summer of 2005 to prove my point. (It was a charged period in my life.)

I write about this because it struck me how a blog of this sort can demonstrate that we do evolve. That we're not doomed to stay crazy if we go through a crazy period in our lives (or staid if we choose a unadventurous path for a while). Isn't that reassuring?

Now back to the topic of the weather!

Windy, not too cold and most noticeably -- sunny! Here's a solid truth: I love blue skies intensely because of the fact that sometimes they are not blue. And so today, their crisp blueness are cause for joy (whereas if I lived in a place like Sorede -- 300 days of sunshine each year! -- I'd say ho hum).

farmette life-1.jpg

Breakfast in the sun room. I was determined to cut Ed out of the photo! Chop chop -- no Ed!

farmette life-5.jpg

I pick up Snowdrop from school and I am really prepared for an adventure! No coffee shop visit for us -- I went to a bakery earlier and purchased a snack for a picnic. She is in high spirits! And why shouldn't she be? Snowdrops are in their most beautiful phase right now!

farmette life-12.jpg

But it is windy. Really windy. We go to the park. She tries valiantly to eat her bit of croissant while in the swing, but the hair just flies into her face. I pin it back a bit with a clip (that's all I could find in my purse). She touches it every now and then to see if it's there.We've moved a long way from the time where she would just pull it out!

farmette life-16.jpg

farmette life-25.jpg

Sky so blue... lake so deeply blue... a lone sea gull. Sea guw, gaga! That's a sea guw! (My, does the girl have good vision!)

farmette life-27.jpg

We walk to her home then. Fish jig, gaga! Play the fish jig! Ask nicely! Please!!

She dances with her hole spirit.

farmette life-35.jpg

Late afternoon. The girl naps. Her mom comes home to finish preparations for what is for them a special day -- her daddy's birthday. When Snowdrop wakes up, there's a cake in the oven and there are balloons everywhere! Is she excited? Is she?!

farmette life-5-2.jpg

farmette life-7.jpg

farmette life-8.jpg

farmette life-24.jpg

I leave the young family to their celebrations.

Day is done. But oh, that sunshine! It lingers with me... So beautiful... So warming of the spirit.