Tuesday, April 25, 2017


You look out your bedroom window and you see the white lilac in near full bloom. Your heart sings! The lilac bushes here are tall. You can never reach the flowers from the ground below. There's only one thing to do: take out the bedroom window screen, climb out onto the sloping roof, and snip a few clumps to bring to the breakfast table.

farmette life-2.jpg

(I wont clip any of the tulips: I'm so grateful that these survived the early spring animal attack.)

farmette life-6.jpg

Breakfast on the porch! With lilacs!

farmette life-10.jpg

Our daffodils, still going strong!

farmette life-11.jpg

And here's one of my favorite farmette corners in spring: the old orchard, blooming now, in a meadow of purple and white violets.

farmette life-14.jpg

Okay, to work! So much of spring digging and planting is done on my knees that I try to remember to keep my pants from being torn to shreds by wearing knee pads. (Photo by Ed.)

farmette life-18.jpg

Cheepers! Stay out of the flower bed! There, that's a good place for you to do your preening!
I thought you didn't like it when they pooped up the walkway -- Ed says with a grin.
I can sweep up their poop. I don't want to have to sweep up knocked down flowers!

farmette life-20.jpg

And soon it's time to pick up Snowdrop, who again has had a full and active morning at school. She is definitely tired, even as she looks like she's ready to take on the world!

farmette life-25.jpg

A few adventuring favorites: the big swing!

farmette life-34.jpg

Learning about railroad tracks...

farmette life-46.jpg

And then it's time to head to the farmette. A quick play outside...

farmette life-48.jpg

... with a bucket for her various gardening projects...

farmette life-54.jpg

But when she is tired, it's not hard to coax her back into the farmhouse. Especially if Ed is there, and a snack is waiting, and favorite books are strewn about the couch. Oh, and of course, her baby awaits her tender caress.

farmette life-64.jpg

After her nap -- we read. Here's my little grandgirl, in her post nap discombobulated state!

farmette life-3-2.jpg

And outside, the world is brilliant with spring color!

farmette life-1.jpg