Friday, May 05, 2017


Such days come only in May! The world's a riot of blooms and fragrances, the sunshine is still gentle and the greens of new growth are young and innocent.

farmette life-1.jpg

(And those crabs! In the wee hours of the morning...)

farmette life-6.jpg

It takes my a while to limber up today (oh that back! -- as Snowdrop would say), but once I do, I try to plunge back into a normal rhythm. I can't quite dig and plant, but I can certainly admire the garden.

And fix breakfast -- in the sun room!

farmette life-11.jpg

And I can grocery shop. (I must be moving with a bit of stiffness, as the clerk asks -- Do you need help taking the bags to the car? Yes!)

And I can pick up Snowdrop. They are finishing a picnic in the playground when I arrive. She proudly shows me where there is a "library box" of books.

farmette life-13.jpg

Anxious to head out adventuring!

farmette life-15.jpg

Then home to the farmette. Ed is (finally!) mowing and she runs happily to greet him, but as she gets closer, the noise of the mower puts her off...

farmette life-17.jpg

Do you want a ride?
No! It's too loud!

We look at the tomatoes instead.

farmette life-20.jpg

Ed takes a pause (possibly because he does not like mowing) and she runs up to him with pinwheels twirling!

farmette life-27.jpg

Inside, they settle down to read. Snowdrop knows this particular book like the back of her hand, but she still treats it as quite the dramatic story.

farmette life-40.jpg

And outside, the birds sing, the bees buzz and the flowers would make the sternest person's heart sing!

Yeah, only in May!

Post nap vignettes:

An appreciative look at the tulips that are coming despite the inital chomp down by local animals.

farmette life-3-2.jpg

The post-nap little one, wanting to sweep.

farmette life-5-2.jpg

Watering: a tad hastily, but with great respect for each pot.

farmette life-8-2.jpg

What[s this?
Boards. Ahah will be making you a sandbox.
Where is the sand??
In the store. We'll buy it soon.

Now? Can we go to the store now?
First ahah has to build the sandbox.
Can I help? I will build it too!

farmette life-14-2.jpg

In the end, she had to be pulled away from her dream of an immediately ready sandbox. Oh, the turmoil this one square piece of nothing has triggered!

In fact, though, it's a non issue. There will be sand in a box, there will be other dreams and days of grand weather. There will be flowers. There will be love.

(A combo that sort of reminds me of the Polish flag...)

farmette life-23-2.jpg

So much beauty! Almost impossible to take it all in. Sometimes you worry that May offers too much. But mostly, you're just so happy to be in the thick of spring again.