Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

To all moms out there -- and there are many -- happy mother's day!

I am standing with a hose at midday, by any accounts a terrible time to water flowers, but I have just put in ten bare root daylilies and you have to water them thoroughly when you plant them, so there I am, being a bit fanciful with the hose, throwing a shower this way and that, and out of nowhere, a humming bird flutters by, liking that shower very much, dancing nimbly in the gentle stream of water, enjoying himself I'm sure. Like a child -- I think. A child would do just that on a warm day when offered a chance to get just a little wet!

Mother's day. In south central Wisconsin, you can typically count on okay weather. And you can count on the lilacs being in full bloom. So let me give a nod to the weather (perfect today!). And the lilac.

farmette life-1.jpg

You'll remember that Snowdrop is sleeping over at the farmhouse. When she wakes up, her first words are "I want to go downstairs and make pancakes!"

She has her routines and her associations, that's for sure.

(On the porch, after her bath, watching Ed do his morning chores...)

farmette life-10.jpg

Finally, our threesome breakfast. (She has her own fruit. She chooses to eat his. He lets her. So typical!)

farmette life-21.jpg

Pancakes at last...

farmette life-26.jpg

And then I hustle her to the car (even as she is feeling exploratory) so that she can get home to celebrate mother's day with her parents.

farmette life-28.jpg

And oh, do I dig in to work then! I try to put in all the rest of my perennials, though at noon I abandon that project in order to help with the tomatoes. This year we're organized: I know which little babe is of which variety. 96 plants, thriving so far, in  they go!

farmette life-3-2.jpg

A pause, just to talk to my younger daughter. A lovely moment on the porch with a cup of coffee and a cookie...

Then back to work.

Evening. The young family is here for dinner and it is a joyous, lovely evening meal. Preceded by gifts. For me! Brought over by Snowdrop!

farmette life-12-2.jpg

The little one gives me a card just from her, with oodles of doodles inside, beautifully drawn/scribbled by her own hand.

farmette life-17-2.jpg

(Gaga and Snowdrop...)

farmette life-20-2.jpg

(My daughter, her mommy...)

farmette life-25.jpg

Dinners on the porch are like a slice of heaven on a plate...

farmette life-33.jpg

Because it's a special day, there's cake. Chantilly, with fruit (I did not bake it). She loves it. We love it. It's easy to love pretty much anything put before you tonight.

farmette life-37.jpg

One more bit of whipped mascarpone cream!

farmette life-44.jpg

One more bit of mother's day sweetness.