Sunday, May 21, 2017


How did things get so chaotic today? I have only one small carryon (plus a little bag for Snowdrop). The farmhouse is together, the garden requires no work. But I am rushing.

In part it's because we have a ridiculously short layover in Detroit. (The airline changed departure times on us and we got squeezed into 58 minutes between flights.) Any delay and we're in trouble.
Perhaps this makes everyone just a tad nervous.

Snowdrop doesn't know or care about layover minutes, but by now I hear she is impatient to get going, even as her parents have their list of essentials to work through.

So you get one photo today: of the calm guy, whose thoughts right now are on cutting down some dead timber and plowing the field out back.

farmette life-2-2.jpg

As he watches me dash, somewhat amused, with a shake of the head, I tell him that no matter where you head out -- across the ocean or to the lakes up north -- you're going to have to plan, coordinate, hustle, think clearly -- especially if there is a young one in your midst.

Of course, that delivers the famous words --why leave?

I smile at that. You know why. I've told you many times.

Next post -- one hopes from Paris.