Friday, August 04, 2017

in and out, on and off

It is a cold morning. Windy, wet, cold. Would have I worked in the gardens had I the time? On the one hand, the wind likely hushed the mosquito frenzy. But the wet cold air -- how inspiring would that be?

It's an academic question. I have no time. I have before me grocery shopping for the week and it will be an unusual week so it requires great thought -- all this takes up most of the morning.

Yes, there is the usual wonderful breakfast, but it's indoors. I mean, it's in the mid 50s F (12C) out there -- would you really rush to have your meal outdoors?

farmette life-11.jpg

But here's a surprise! When I look out (and try not to notice the spent lily heads), I see Henny! I haven't seen that chicken for weeks! Months, perhaps. Today she decides to put her coop roosting to rest and join (in her own skittish way) the world. I greet her with bread. Welcome back, you pretty little hen!

farmette life-3.jpg

(The three girls, pecking away...)

farmette life-10.jpg

Groceries put away and off I go to pick up Snowdrop.

A nod to the beautiful cranes across the road from us...

farmette life-15.jpg

... and now I am at the little girl's school.
Ready to go? Hmmm... I see you have sandals on. Would you like to switch to your regular shoes? It's cold outside.
No, I want my sandals.

I have to smile at how firm she is in her conviction. Must be sandals today! Oh, okay...

We go to the coffee shop first.

(Snowdrop eating, a woman thinking, a goose wearing necklaces...)

farmette life-22.jpg


farmette life-26.jpg

Outside again, I suggest a cover for her bare legs. It's so beastly windy!

She wants to wear the jacket. I have no argument with this.

farmette life-36.jpg

But here's a surprise: after a few minutes, Snowdrop announces that she wants the jacket off.
And I want to take off the sweater!

farmette life-56.jpg

Here sits a girl who wore her sweater, tightly buttoned, when the thermometer climbed to summer highs. And today, a day that nears record lows, she appears like this:

farmette life-60.jpg

But hold on to your hat, dear hannah,  back at the farmhouse, I hear the familiar plea: may I please have my sweater?

farmette life-67.jpg

Happy to be cooking and feeding her babies again.

farmette life-73.jpg

While she naps, the sun comes out, the winds calm down. I cannot help it -- I must clean out the garden, at the very least in the most visible places.

I do only 90% of the work, but hey, you can appreciate how well it looks to the naked eye now, can't you? Can't you??

(The tallest girls...)

farmette life-2-2.jpg

(Loving the sunshine...)

farmette life-3-2.jpg

(All is right in the lily world again...)

farmette life-4-2.jpg

After Snowdrop's nap, her mommy comes and plays with her ice creams and cakes (of the toy kind)...

farmette life-1.jpg

And then they're off and Ed and I are off as well: the two of us scoot over to Estrellon -- for a great dinner of tapas and paella with some of his work friends.

farmette life-5-2.jpg

If I had to give a one sentence summary of the day, I'd have to admit that it's unusual on many counts -- the weather, the flower fields, the chickens, the little girl's movement in new directions...

And still, the flowers bloom and the sun (eventually) comes through for us and all seems right in our corner of the world right now.

farmette life-2-4.jpg

Very right indeed.