Wednesday, August 16, 2017

up and away

It's my departure day and so I am both busy and a tad sad. (It is always the one day of any travels where I am reluctant to let go of all that I love here.)


farmette life-10.jpg

One more glance out (from the porch) at the garden, which will likely have almost no lilies by the time I come back...

To the left (of the center screen post)...

farmette life-1.jpg

To the right (of the center screen post)...

farmette life-2.jpg

A smile at the froggie -- don't worry, I wont snip you off!

farmette life-8.jpg

An appreciative look at the colors of summer, now approaching an autumnal palate...

farmette life-6.jpg

And now a quick pack (though I have been thinking about the little bag's contents for a long time as this trip is going to make demands on me clothes-wise), a trip to the dentist (I know! what a swell kickoff to travel!) and then a Snowdrop pick up.

I cannot spend much time with the little girl -- my flight leaves later this afternoon, but I also cannot let go of this precious time where I enter her little world by the cubbies, where she always sits and waits for my arrival.

When I come back, the school year will have ended. Come September,  she'll be joining the bigger kids in the main school building. I feel as sentimental about having this last pick up here as if she were my kid! The teachers report on her day (she's been so cheerful and happy this week -- they tell me now and I just smile and smile), they praised and encouraged and comforted her. It's been such a great year for the little one!

A final photo on the steps...

farmette life-2-2.jpg

And now we have time for one adventure, just one and it cannot be long...

Playground! Swings! I'm a bird, gaga!

farmette life-7.jpg

At the climbing structure, a little boy tells me, or her, or both of us --  this playground is for kids between 5 and 12.
Says who? I ask in my best "don't mess with gaga" voice.
The sign over there.
I read it. The structure is in fact recommended for that age group (bizarrely, as it's actually quite simple and small), but I don't correct him. Snowdrop however chimes in -- I'm actually a little girl, she says in all earnestness. (She uses the word "actually" as frequently as I do.)
I smile at her. You're getting to be a big girl!

Oh fine, big girl, we can pause for a coffee shop treat!

farmette life-20.jpg

You are growing up, Snowdrop!

And then it's a blur and a rush to get back to the farmhouse, throw the bag in the car and drive with Ed to the airport.

Where am I going? Well, to Poland for now. Though not initially to Warsaw. Tomorrow night, I should be in Łochów.