Monday, September 18, 2017


I have a post in my head. I lay awake at night thinking of it. I marched through the day confident that I would type up my script come evening.

But when I cleared the last dish and nibbled on the last piece of evening nibble food, I decided to let it rest for a day. I must sleep on it some more.

In the meantime, I offer you photos of a beautiful day. I mean, weather-wise, farmette-wise, Snowdrop-wise -- it was  a rare blend of loveliness.

We'll start with breakfast. On a self timer today!

farmette life-6.jpg

The rest of the morning a little bit got away from me. Here's why (I promise, you, it is one boring story...): I wanted to move the crib upstairs. That lovely full size crib that Snowdrop never uses. (She doesn't use it because it sits downstairs -- where Ed and I hang out.) That requires a disassembly and a search for the part that would allow us to transform it into a toddler bed. You know the deal (if you've had a kid): a crib side comes off, a partial bar goes up to keep the child from falling out and voila! You have a toddler bed.

This project took FOREVER and I knew it would. Which is why we haven't done it for months and months.

Time to pick up the little girl. She did not nap in school today (Snowdrop! get with it!) and so I expect a tired mood.

Not so. She wants to play.

And so we go to the playground and play.

farmette life-10.jpg

farmette life-18.jpg

farmette life-26.jpg

And then she and I walk back to the school, where I had left the car. (Fall is here!)

farmette life-36.jpg

Two interesting adventures in the short set of blocks of our walk: first, we come across a lemonade stand, womaned by two little girls.
How much? -- I ask, worrying only a little abut the hygiene of the enterprise... After all, a parent is hovering.
50 cents a glass.
Five zero? I ask, just to be sure. They don't get that, so the hovering dad clarifies. Yes, 50.
I have a deal for you: what it you poured me just this much (I point to about a quarter inch) -- can I pay 25 cents? 
The little girls look totally bewildered. Some entrepreneurs! They say yes! -- the father jumps in.

And that's how Snowdrop has her first ever lemonade.
And yes, given the sugar content, she liked it just fine.

farmette life-43.jpg

The second memorable event happened just one block later. Snowdrop was leading the way. I followed with the stroller. Suddenly, a squirrel jumps from a high fence to the left of her, over to a tree just to Snowdrop's right. I swear, the dumb squirrel came to within an inch of Snowdrop's nose.

The girl is completely mortified. She never ever ever wants to walk on that strip of sidewalk again!

Oh, eventually I give her some squirrel story about gathering nuts for the winter, about nests up in the tree, about the squirrel being just a wee little animal that is trying to make a place for herself and her family in this big scary world, but just so you know, if Snowdrop ever displays a fear of squirrels and no one can understand why, let me tell you that it dates back to this day!

At the farmhouse, she plunged into play in the enlarged playroom (remember -- the crib is there no more). And then she dons her snowshoes (she's a two year old!) and asks to play with bubbles outside and yes, it is a fine way to end a magnificent Snowdrop afternoon!

farmette life-51.jpg

Tomorrow, I will write the post that I had wanted to write today.