Saturday, October 14, 2017

same old

Here are ten things that I can do despite the horribly drippy weather outside (how many days has it been like this? I've stopped counting):

I can move our breakfast out of the sun room -- it only reminds how unsunny it is outside.

farmette life-2.jpg

I can imagine where I shall plant all those bulbs: draw up a plan! Devise a strategy!

I can do 250 325 jumping jacks (not all in a row) to fight that wet noodle feeling that comes from staying put for too long.

I can drink coffee and put a dent in the cookie stash, so that I can bake more cookies going forward (I realize that this would undo some of the benefit from all those jumping jacks, but soothing the soul is as important as flexing the muscles).

I can hammer away at Ed for not going with me on a long distance hike along the coast of France. (None is planned therefore, because, well, because: it's easier just to hammer away at the poor guy for his non travel than to plan a long distance solo hike. I mean, what if a crab clipped my foot or a barking dog came at me from those artichoke fields one tends to pass in Brittany? I would be doomed.)

I can go out and search for evidence of how drippy it really is out there so that you would believe me and feel empathy.

farmette life-6.jpg

I can start in on Sunday farmhouse cleaning, thereby freeing my day tomorrow, when, by the way, it's supposed to rain again. So why bother...

I can start work on my holiday greeting card.

I can converse with the computer in French.

I can look forward to next week, because look!

farmette life-1-2.jpg

All that sunshine! Here, in Madison, the whole week-long!

In reality, I did nine out of the ten. I'll leave it to your fertile imaginations as to which I neglected.

Until tomorrow then!