Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15

We wake up to a cold, wet day.

At breakfast time...

farmette life-1.jpg

... Ed, who is not fully awake yet, says -- you should get Snowdrop a keyboard.

Say what?? Get the little girl something? Did I hear right?

That and of course, you should teach her French.

Where are these ideas coming from??

The thing is, I do not disagree. Snowdrop loves music (and possibly might like knowing bits and pieces of another language). A keyboard can be a great exploratory tool for a young child.

But I should have known: agreement on the premise does not lead to agreement on the execution. Satisfied that I did not reject his idea right off the bat, he begins the laborious task of exploring what kind of keyboard would be best for a very young child.

Cheap. Used. He logs on to Craigslist. Not enough. What does it mean that the keys do this, or are set to do that? Must read articles to discern the difference. Then, must read articles on what people in the know say about children and keyboards.

I tell him -- I have spent two days on technology. I do not want to spend even two hours on this project. Here, I picked one. It's cheap! It's well regarded. Boom!

Ed looks crestfallen. I know you're busy. We could read up some more tonight...

I calculate all that I have to do today, all the hours I have already spent on discussing this very inconsequential purchase. No, no more reading. You've helped tremendously. Thank you. Now, let me just get this small keyboard which, as you have pointed out, Snowdrop will bang on twice then forget about.

It's time to pick up the little girl. Miraculously (and I mean miraculously, because this was not in the forecast), the clouds part and you can almost pretend that this is a fine fall day. True, there is a hefty breeze, but still, it definitely opens up the possibility of playground time for Snowdrop!

Is she happy? You decide...

farmette life-4.jpg

Later, at the farmhouse, oh, the usual...

farmette life-14.jpg

... except that I tell her something: that it is my mother's birthday. Meaning, her great grandma's birthday. (My mother is 94 today!)

I tell Snowdrop that it would be cool for her to send my mom a birthday message. We put one together. I want to take a picture of her with it. Except that Snowdrop gets the giggles!

farmette life-29.jpg

She is overcome with hilarity.

farmette life-28.jpg

Finally, she sits still... enough. So... happy birthday great grandma helen! (GGH for short)

farmette life-30.jpg

From all of us. With love.