Thursday, November 16, 2017

so how do you feel about Thursday?

Each day of the week has its flora. And its place in your heart. Some people hate Mondays. Some people feel that Wednesdays are just so blah. When I was little I did not like Sundays. In my more adult years, Saturdays were unreasonably tough. And so on.

But what about Thursdays?

I think Snowdrop and I are on the same page about this day: we're hanging in there, but the realization of a week gone by begins to seep in. For her, if she hasn't napped all week, she begins to feel more fragile. For me, it's not about sleep, but about getting things done.

Once again this morning was technology oriented. I had signed up for a (free) online tutorial on how to get the most out of my (new) computer. After breakfast, of course.

farmette life-1.jpg

Much more useful were the hours Ed and I spent on trying to figure out the interplay between my laptop and various web browsers (far trickier than either of us thought).

But note the reference to "hours." Another day, another set of hours dedicated to technology.

Still, there were lovely sparks. We learned stuff about computers that neither of us had known (and that's saying a lot for Ed). And for once I felt I hadn't just purchased something that I would never quite understand.

Too, I worked on tech stuff in the bleakest part of the day. By early afternoon, the sun was starting to poke through and though it never climbed out of the low 30sF (above 2 or 3C), nonetheless, the absence of a wind made the day, well, not too bad!

(Cheepers, following me to the mailbox...)

farmette life-5.jpg

(Winter blue skies are exhilarating!)

farmette life-8.jpg

When I pick up Snowdrop, I'm not quite sure whether it is warm enough for the outdoors, but the girl settles the question for me quickly. She begs to go to the school playground.

farmette life-16.jpg

... As does her school buddy.

They are a delightful twosome!

farmette life-23.jpg

True, her school pal does decide to shed all outer garments, but I think he is just trying to impress the rest of us. Very shortly afterwards, he is ready to give up on the great outdoors, whereas Snowdrop keeps on chugging along...

farmette life-26.jpg

Moreover, afterwards, when her friend has long ago retreated to the warmth of the indoors, Snowdrop insists that we go to the park playground. I acquiesce. Off we go!

farmette life-30.jpg

She is totally delighted.

farmette life-34.jpg

The lake waters are still. The sun is fading, but even small bits of its rays make a difference.

farmette life-31.jpg

Happy Gaga. Happy girl indeed!

farmette life-35.jpg

At the farmhouse, after the initial "I'm hungry!"...

farmette life-39.jpg

... she settles into the cozy part of life: lots and lots and lots of books, followed by a brisk game of ball and finally -- drawing.

farmette life-51.jpg

It was a good way to work through any issues that a Thursday, especially a napless Thursday might present.