Sunday, November 19, 2017


We continue to be many degrees below normal. Plenty of sunshine, but cold. Just a tiny, wobbly step above freezing.

After a thorough farmhouse cleaning, Ed and I sit down to breakfast and review our options.

farmette life-2.jpg

The grass needs to be cut. Not so much because we are looking for that perfect grass length, but because the maples have shed their leaves and if we do not either rake (how tedious!) or mow (shredding the leaves to smithereens), the grass will not survive, come springtime.

Ed goes out to start the tractor-mower. What a surprise -- it's dead. I turn to baking cookies.

(The ingredients are a giveaway, no? Moroccan semolina almond lemon cookies.)

farmette life-3.jpg

(Ready to bake!)

farmette life-6.jpg


farmette life-8.jpg

(Ready to eat!)

farmette life-9.jpg

Ed has been volunteering his labor at a maker space downtown (it's where people come together to build stuff) and he goes off to work there. I have only one requirement for the both of us this afternoon: that we take a walk. Somewhere.

But where?

We live near a city rich with urban parks. This one, by Lake Menona, offers a number of trails.

farmette life-13.jpg

Some of them take you down to the star attraction here -- the lake. With, of course -- the view.

farmette life-17.jpg

The lake isn't anywhere near frozen yet, but there are signs of winter. Look! Thick icicles dangling from a fallen limb...

farmette life-19.jpg

If you want proof of our current winter madness, you need only cast a glance at the shoreline here...

farmette life-20.jpg

Still, there's a hazy sun and a lovely path that beckons. We feel energized!

farmette life-22.jpg

It's one of those rare Sundays where the parents of Snowdrop have evening work obligations and so the young family is not with us for dinner. Ed suggests we buy a Subway sandwich and split it for our evening meal.

Perhaps I should have nodded a yes to that. I am right in the thick of planning the Thanksgiving meal. But I could not do it. On a late fall Sunday, the smell of food baking, cooking, percolating is heavenly! Chicken in garlic, olive oil, lemon and rosemary... Potatoes roasted at the side... a veggie, a salad... This is what makes a Sunday evening special.

The crazy busy week begins tomorrow. Tonight, the farmhouse is quiet. Peaceful. Getting ready for what's ahead.