Wednesday, January 10, 2018


For Ed and me, perhaps the toughest time to find the balance in our life together is in a snowless January. (Well, sometimes February too.) We are both home, dreaming about better weather. But those dreams surely run in different directions.

Recently, Ed is spinning sailing thoughts again.

It is as sure as anything that I will not sail with him. I hate waves. And storms, where I am outside and vulnerable. Sitting on a boat with nothing to do but stare at a horizon where you can't tell what's sea and what's sky -- not me.

I'm way more focused on what my grandbabies may need in the year ahead.

Basically, we both need a nice thick layer of snow to get on the same track again. But today is foggy, chilly and wet and we are spinning in our own orbits.

Except there is breakfast. Always together, always in partnership.

farmette life (5 of 26).jpg

When I pick up Snowdrop, she is indifferent to the drippy gray weather. Going to the farmhouse? Okay!

farmette life (10 of 26).jpg

There is, however, a wistful look to her eyes as she looks over the landscape of melted snow.

farmette life (16 of 26).jpg

Never mind! Inside, we're building a castle! It's hard to explain to a three year old what a castle, or royalty, or any of it really signifies. To Snowdrop, it's one more lovely platform for character stories.

farmette life (21 of 26).jpg

farmette life (26 of 26).jpg

Happy girl... She napped in school today -- a rare event indeed. For now, it means that she is raring to go!

I'm with you, sweet child! Only.... it's getting late now. Good night, Snowdrop, good night world, good night, good night...

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  1. So often I've tried to comment over the past months and I couldn't figure out how to sign in, but It looks like I have now done it. I hope I can remember how I did it! I don't have a lot to say about today's post except that Snowdrop's roaming through the tip tops of her castle pathways is so evocative of my own wandering the ramparts of Mont St Michel last fall, taking pictures of houses at the tip tops, while my travel companions toured the chapel. I've gotten too unsteady to manage those mammoth steps into the chapel without sturdy handrails, and I had toured it quite a few years ago.

    But I mustn't fail to mention how much I enjoy watching Snowdrop growing up, so verbal and creative and mature as she lands on three years old.


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