Friday, August 19, 2005

Reflections on selling a house

So how anxious was I to seal the deal?
Anxious enough that the first offer, representing, as my economist pal figured out, 93% of the asking price, was accepted with a sigh of relief. Fact is, we were about to lower the asking price.

In the last three days, the house had more showings than in the entire preceding 6 weeks. What made the difference? It appears that the words “motivated seller,” plugged in just three days ago, pushed it into the suddenly desirable category.

I do not get people. Most sellers are motivated! If you’re not motivated, you don’t pound a “for sale” sign into your lawn.

How hard is it for all of us, my daughters especially, to let go of this family home? Hard. Trust me, hard.

Is there a bright side? Oh yes, definitely. Many. Too many to list here. But here’s one I kept thinking about today as I stared at the vine climbing along the back wall of the house. It had become infested with some bug or other and I predict that within two weeks the entire two-story wall will be covered by wilted brown leaves instead of the lush green ones that nature intended.

On the other hand, note what’s happening around the back and side walls of the warehouse apartments. THEY are planting perennials. THEY are responsible for their health and well being. THEY will weed, prune, mulch them. Not me. Not me.

Madison Aug 05 301


Ann Althouse said...

Yay!!!!! You did it! You must feel great now!

mcg said...

Most sellers are motivated---to sell at their asking price :) What you communicated by adding those words was a willingness to accept underbids... not a bad strategy, by any means, if the market demands it. Not all markets do, though...

Bottom line, congratulations!

Earth Girl said...

And the woman on the left definitely looks hot and tired. This spoken as a Master Gardener who loves her (you would call it wild) gardens.

nina said...

Thanks and yes, I do feel great about selling. That's actually a complete understatement!
It's interesting about the garden thing -- I abandoned it. Your comment inspired my next post.