Saturday, October 15, 2005

Vienna: if it's Saturday, shouldn't I be at the market?

[After an early morning sweat trying to fix my camera I finally gave up and went in search of a replacement. I am now ecstatically in SLR land again. But if there is a learning curve to using new equipment, I'm not going to be sitting back and reading the literature. It's hit 'n miss time! I am, after all in Vienna. On a gorgeous hazy-sunny Fall day. Oh, is it gorgeous outdoors!]

Markets. They are such a draw for me! I always gripe that Madison's market is crowded with out-of-towners. Sorry, Vienna, I am the one blocking tight spaces now, with a camera instead of a shopping basket.

My first errand took me to the old town with the cobbled streets. I think the Viennese aren't cynical about their buggy rides. I think many of them do this for a fun recreational little jaunt.

Vienna Oct 05 054

My morning coffee and croissant were postponed until after my errand. The first shots with the new camera were...of baked goods at a small, neighborhood coffeeshop.

Vienna Oct 05 056

In the same neighborhood, I came across a small market where some pumpkin growers were teaching the Viennese how to carve pumpkins. Yeah, there is a learning curve, isn't there...

Vienna Oct 05 062
this part was fun...

Vienna Oct 05 063
the young skeptic: sure you know how to do this, mom?

Vienna Oct 05 068
I'm thinking as well that the Viennese are better at carving this

Vienna Oct 05 081
though there are plentyof ready made ones available for purchase

Vienna Oct 05 080
while the band plays on

In the meantime, at the main Viennese outdoor market, I came across the crowds I am so familiar with on a late Saturday morning at the Madison market. Oh, there were other seasonal similarities. But here, in Vienna, the diversity of foods was striking. And for the first time, I found the influence of other cultures, other eating habits. Stalls of Turkish candies and dried fruits, numerous stands with stuffed olives -- things that spoke of migration from the south. My camera veered toward the regional foods though. Just a few examples:

Vienna Oct 05 089
fresh fish and a determined little guy

Vienna Oct 05 094
straight from the barrel

Vienna Oct 05 013
I envy them their fresh mushrooms

Vienna Oct 05 095
starchy lace and Muscat grapes

Vienna Oct 05 090
every few stalls there are opportunities for a swig at the barrel;
no, I did not, so there.

Instead, I limited my purchases to this store, where I went in search of something for the little one who could not come to Vienna this time around. Of course, the sales clerk knew how to work her spells. Here, try this on, I'll take a photo, it's perfect for you.

Vienna Oct 05 087
Fine, fine, I'll take both...

No, it's too beautiful outside. I can't take another minute for this post. Off I go, exploring.


  1. Nina! Your latest posts remind me of our trip to Europe...and how lucky I was to be traveling with you. Hope you have a great trip.

  2. Nina, I want to nominate you for a digital photography award. You are amazing.

  3. Hey Nina,

    What kind of camera did you buy???

    Photos thus far look amazing, I especially like the little boy shot, and the redish wine drinking shot...

  4. When you said that you bought a gift for a little one back home, you were referring to me -- right?

    Love the photos and the travel blogging.


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