Wednesday, August 16, 2006

on competition

Walking home, I pass several trucks in close proximity to each other. I am mulling this one over: how limited is the marketplace? If there wasn’t a Pepsi, would Coke double its sales?

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summer 06 517

If the UPS hadn’t offered guaranteed overnight, would Fed Ex grow and grow until it became the mad fat cat of overnight delivery?

summer 06 518

I was an econometrics major in college, some thirty-five years ago and still I don’t get competition. If you come up with a quality Cola, wont it only improve the crap that Coke pours into its bottles?

If someone else jumped in and delivered packages with greater time specificity, then wouldn’t UPS improve its delivery as well? Sure they would. And I would never again have to chase across town to pick up that which should have been delivered when I was home. Because they would tell me, precisely, when I should be home.

If someone puts out a blog that is quality, no, sorry, QUALITY, then I want to read it. I want you to read it and tell me about it. Reading quality produces quality. Eric, your blog makes me work harder on Ocean. Wow. Janelle and sixty-five, thanks for the tip. Eric, thanks for commenting.

Next to this stuff, Ocean is kid’s play.

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