Tuesday, December 02, 2008

my day, my day…

I was up early. Two classes today and meetings before and between. And you know, I still have this cold.

Typically I give myself an espresso break between classes and it is then that I worry about a photo for the day. But it was so cold! Still, I found one that for me, was evocative and meaningful.

005 copy

And then I thought about a comment I received on Ocean a few days ago, where the reader accused Ocean of becoming too political because I occasionally mentioned things having to do with the past presidential election (see comments on November 26). And then I thought about how I never write about my work, because, well, I shouldn’t. And how I do not write about my family because it is of utmost importance that I respect their privacy. And how I don’t write about health issues that occasionally plague me because I never want to acknowledge that health issues occasionally plague me (colds do not count – they’re fair game!). And how I may reduce my writing about travel because it bothers some people that I travel and between the two – not traveling and writing less about travel, I prefer the latter. Just to let you know, daily blogging in the way that I do is a tough, tough enterprise.

And so, I thought, gratefully, that there is still this hill outside my office that permits me to take photos that have meaning for me without disturbing anyone.

I’ll say this about today: I finished the semester and as usual, I felt this tug at the throat for all that we had been through, my students and I (in both my classes). If ever I have to stop teaching, I will miss it with a huge part of my heart.

On my way home, I got off the bus too early. I was in a stupor – I was relieved that I did not get a cough attack during classes, the day was done, the semester was done – here I was, riding that warm crowded bus. And so I exited early. But it was worth it. For this lovely (to me) sight:

008 copy